Oven? What's an oven?

I have owned my home for approximately eight months, and I have yet to ever use the oven. I have no memory of personally using the stove and I think I have used the microwave thrice. But, you wouldn't know, because that didn't stop me from getting an oh-so fabulous dining room table and decor! ;)

I was fortunate enough to have my parents "donate" their outdoor, deck table and chairs to my cause. They bought them only a year prior and were sold as outdoor furniture, but after one infamous Utah winter, their outdoor days were gone. I had them sanded and then painted white. And, it was pretty much love at first sight.

I love my dining room table and chairs so much, that I knew I needed to host my family for dinner. Naturally, someone else would have to cook the dinner {and they did}, but I would "allow" it to be ate in my home, on my dining room table. :) This was also nice because it warranted setting the table all fancy {as fancy as you can get with $15 dish set from Walmart}.

In complete disclosure, we didn't even use the bowls for the meal we had. I just thought it looked cuter for the picture that way. ;) Also in complete disclosure, I am not sure what we ate that day. Again, pretty much the only thing I am sure of is that I didn't make it. ;) Overall, I gave myself a solid C+ in adulting that day. It would have been a tad higher had I tried to cook and it would be way higher had I tried cooking and it was good. :) But I am just fine sticking with my C+ for now. :)

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Psst. Psst. This is me whispering very quietly. I am just going to jump in as if I haven't been MIA for over three months. 

I went and did it this time. 

Two months after adopting the most adorable kitties in the world ... I adopted a third! I know, I know. Full-blown crazy cat lady status right here!

I actually asked my beloved friends on Facebook how many kitties made someone a crazy cat lady. My favorite response? "Mindy, if you have to ask that question, you are already there."

To my credit {is it even possible to have credibility when owning three kitties}, I really just felt like a little white kitty needed me. So, without further adieu, I want to introduce you to my baby, Oliver.

 I think it goes without saying that after taking a look at him, I was sold and there was no going back. How could anyone NOT want this adorable creature in their home? And lucky me, my home it is!

I won't go into the details of how the seller told me I was getting a little girl. I won't tell you that I was convinced I was going to name her Marlee, Izzy or Ellie. I won't tell you that as soon as I got "her" home she was roughing housing like it was nobody's business and I was quite surprised that "she" was so wild. I won't tell you that during said rough housing "she" rolled over onto "her" tummy and my "I grew up on a farm" knowledge told me "she" wasn't a she at all. And I definitely won't tell you that I asked my family if there was anyway "she" could identify as being a female and we all just pretend "she" was still a she. No, no. I shan't go into all of that. :)

Just know that I love my little Ollie. He is laying against my feet as I type this right now and I ain't hatin' it. :)

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