Lola & Milo

While adulting and stuff {read as buying my first home}, it didn't take too long before I realized, "Hey ... I own a home. I should own a cat."

Stick with me here. 

As a kid, I wanted to own ALL the animals. But somewhere between kidland and adulthood, that desire left. And I wasn't sad about it at all. I mean, sure, kitties and other animals are totes adorbs, but they can cause major problems, totes mgotes.

I mean, cleaning out a litter box or picking up pooh on my front lawn? NO.THANK.YOU.

Having to remember to feed them regularly and sometimes before you feed yourself? UH.UH.

I can remember going to my parents house several months ago. They have three cats. Because I talked them into it, sometimes, many times, much to their dismay{I like OTHER people having animals, just not me}. One of their kitties is a real bawl baby. She cries ALL the time. Mostly for food.  I vividly remember walking into their home STARVING and as I am trying to satisfy my belly's ferocious demands, the little bum wouldn't stop crying and get this - I had to put my hunger on hold for hers {I know, I know ... You're nominating me already for the world's best mom and I don't even have kids}. 

Yet, somehow. I buy a house. And suddenly?

Meet Milo and Lola. 

I adopted them from Four Paws Rescue {such an amazing organization in Cache Valley} and I could NOT be happier. I clean out their litter box, feed them before myself and even purchase them kitty toys! 

They are perfect in practically every way and I am obsessed. You can even think I am a crazy cat lady and I would probably agree. :) 

You know, I am "old" and not married. Sometimes you just cannot fight your destiny. ;)

So, kitty carry on. :)

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Meg said...

My baby loved your kitten pictures. She loves all animals and she doesn't just bark anymore, she was meowing at your kittens. :)

jill said...

So cute! Kitties are annoying and totally worth it.

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