To those offended and to those who wondered if they should be ...

My most recent blog post has sparked some conversation that I would like to address more fully. It was brought to my attention that the party I threw on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was "extremely offensive" and possibly perceived as "flip and insensitive". 

As always, I do apologize to any and all that were offended by our party and to those who found it flip and/or insensitive. That is never my intent.

I would like to express several points on the matter. Naturally, any and all can freely agree or disagree and that is okay!

The first point I would like to express is that I have received way more support regarding the activity than negative feedback by far! It should be noted that this feedback comes from highly intelligent and educated individuals. Some of which are extremely schooled in United States history and the courageous fight that Martin Luther King Jr. and countless others battled, and even sacrificed their lives for, for which this country will be eternally indebted. 

This event was in no way shape or form to make light of those battles or lives that sacrificed so much for the freedoms of Americans, Americans that were persecuted and restricted the basic rights of human life, which was appalling, immoral, horrific and unacceptable. This event was in no way shape or form meant to represent those events or those sacrifices. 

I can tell you what this event was intended to do. It was intended to bring friends together to celebrate the day in a fun, light-hearted nature that would still call remembrance to Martin Luther King Jr. and those events. 

If I am to be brutally honest, even after the negative feedback, I still firmly believe it is much better to remember the day even in a fun, light-hearted way than to not do anything at all. Personally, it would make sense to me that if those who were offended by the event, or found it flip and insensitive, should find the "ignorant" people who don't bring remembrance to the day at all even more offensive, because I do not know a soul that uses this day of solemn, somber remembrance. To my knowledge, most Americans use it as a day to spend time with family and friends, which I think is absolutely wonderful. Additionally, there are some people who straight up refuse to honor the day and fought against it becoming a national holiday. Perhaps that would be a more appropriate place for offense to be taken?

So, that is what I did, I made an attempt to remember Martin Luther King Jr. in a fun, light-hearted way, which will likely make this past MLK day more memorable for anyone that was in attendance at the event than their regular MLK day from years past and future. 

Lastly, the day was intentionally placed to be observed around his birthday. I think we threw a nice birthday party for him, if I do say so myself. And I don't know Dr. King personally {obvi, I am not that old}, so I truly cannot speak for him, but I'd have a difficult time believing he would be offended by me trying to have a fun way to remember him. 

Again, for those offended or see how this could be offensive, I am deeply sorry. But hopefully, this can shed some light on another perspective that shows no intent for offense and possibly even reason to not be offended. 

Carry on, good people of the world wide web. Carry on. 


Celebratin' Martin Luther in Style | A Black & White Party

For years now, I have wanted to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a Black & White Party.

Get it? A Black & White Party to celebrate good ol' Martin?

Ha! I find myself hilarious sometimes. Hilarious, I say!

This year, I finally got around to it!

One of the highlights, without a doubt, was Pin the Mustache on Martin!

And the fact that Winston {the pit bull} dressed up for the occasion!


How did you celebrate good, ol' Martin?


What does the fox say?

Okay, so I have no clue as what the fox says. Heaven knows that if I listen to that song to tell me what the fox says, I won't be able to spell it for you to read.

So, instead of talking about what the fox says, let's talk about KITFOX instead!

Kitfox is a Utah Band that is trying to launch their music careers by heading to Nashville to produce their music.

Now, I know what you are thinking ... "Mindy never posts anything about music on this blog!"

And you're right. I don't.

BUUT! This video ... this amazing video (!!) was filmed by CLAIRE! As in the same Claire I lived with for four years!

So, please check it out. If you like what you hear, please feel free to:


Share on social media

Provide feedback in the comments section of this blog

If you choose to donate, you will get a fun prize {clothing, music, etc.} based off how much you donate!
And if you cannot afford to donate, please just consider sharing it on FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Thanks, peeps!


Resolution Smesolution!

Guys. I hate resolutions. 

It's juuuust ... a lot of pressure.  And I don't need that in my life!

I made some really realistic resolutions last year. 

+ Put the clean laundry away the same day I wash it ... once

+ Take down the Christmas decorations

+ Buy a bedskirt 

+ See how long I can go on Facebook without talking about cream cheese brownies

+ Drink two bottles of water at work daily

+ Run once a week every week, unless my legs fall off

+ Stop writing 2013 on things

And I was successful with all (!!!) ... but three. ;)

I didn't put the clean laundry the same day I washed it (once) ever in 2014. 

I didn't drink two bottles of water daily. In fact, I actually sometimes went down from one to none.

And I definitely didn't run once a week even though my leg(s) didn't fall off.

BUT!! I did buy a bedskirt. I did stop writing 2013 on things. And I definitely took down the Christmas decorations. I took them down so hard that I actually never put them back up. Ha.

Oh, and I never did see how long I could go without talking about cream cheese brownies on Facebook. And I am absolutely too lazy to go see now. AND! Even if I did now, I didn't do it in 2014 so ... resolution FAIL!

So, yeah. It's January 8th and I haven't even considered making a resolution,

What about you?


New Year's | The Choice

New Year's Eve was a very somber experience.

It's weird how one day, one hour, one minute can change so much.

The clock struck midnight and millions of people celebrated the coming of a new year, of 2015.

And my heart broke as I mourned 2014 slipping out of grasp, as it felt like my Shtev was slipping out of grasp right with it. For 2014 would be the last year that will ever have my Shtev living in it. And that truth is my pain.

I wanted to do everything to shield myself from 2015, that shielded me from a life with Shtev.

But as I crawled into my bed in that darkness in that early morn with my shattered heart, I realized that each day I live in 2015 is one day closer that I am to seeing him again.

And I realized I had a choice to make. To see 2015 as the first year he would never live in, or to see every single day of the same year being one day closer to him. And so the latter is what I will try to do. Because that seems to be the only choice I have in the matter. 


101 Most Shocking Moments of 2014

As always, remember these tidbits about the list:

A. For anonymity purposes I sometimes refer to a person simply as he or she. Thus, not all the he's or she's are the same person. As well as, some things are very, very vague. 

B. I tried to put each moment in its proper order, with the absolute most shocking moment as number one and so on ... But it gets really complicated ... and boring. So, top 10 are pretty concrete. The further back it goes, the less in order they are. 

C. I had a really difficult time not putting exclamation points at the end of all of these. :) Shocking moments deserve exclamation points, however, over-used exclamation points defeat the purpose of an exclamation point in the first place. :)

D. You should see how many YOU are in or apply to you and let me know!

And now, without further adieu ...

Mindy's 101 Most Shocking Moments of 2014

101. How popular the the ALS ice bucket challenge was..

100. I made my family dinner.

99. Charles' parents gave Weedus a Christmas gift.

98. How domestic I was. I went to a fabric store more than three times ... IN ONE YEAR, PEOPLE!

96. I just spelled reupholstered right on the first try without even thinking about it.

95. Aladdin came to Utah.

94. And he bought all of our lunches!

93. She didn't care to ask how I felt. 

92. He asked her if she minded if he spent time with another girl.

89. The reason he left.

88. The fact he divulged why he left. 

87. THERE IS NO WHERE TO TAKE A BROKEN VACUUM IN LOGAN. I was forced to be a horrible person and throw it in the trash. 

86. How PRETTY the Ogden Temple is!!

85. The couple living downstairs did not invite us inside when they knew we were locked out of our home in 23 degrees.

84. Charles said I could have ¼ of his calzone

83. Raven Symone is gay.

82. Cristi quit.

81. Shurlana quit.

80. How many people quit after I was terminated {see #9}.

79. His relationship with her.

78. He kissed her.

77. A place I worked at decided to do an achievements program for employees {it never panned out, naturally, but the idea that they considered recognizing employees for a job well done was shocking)

76. A client of mine had a perfect month (e.g. no behavioral episodes). This was also super sweet because she was doing great on a plan I wrote, but then the plan was changed by someone else and she did horribly for two years. She was then put back onto the plan I had originally written and voila! Perfect month!

75. Charles and Weedus are dating.

74. She got a promotion at work. Haha!

73. How she absolutely cannot accept responsibility.

72. Malaysia flight just ... disappeared. I can put an app to find my cellular phone, but an entire airplane can just vanish.

71. Double murder/suicide in Logan

70. Weedus and I are finally roommates.

69. His walls came down a bit.

68. I got a full-sized bed {Yes, I had a twin bed until June}.

67. Our company foftball team was GOOD.

64. Capstone class in my graduate program. Need I say more?

63. The day she agreed to everything Meghan and I said {naturally she changed her mind the following day entirely}.

61. That negotiation.

60. She manipulated him.

59. He decided to stay.

58. She said, "Hell!"

57. Max Hall and the drugs.

56. The beating USU football got from Tennessee.

55. The beating USU football got from Boise State.

54. She had an affair.

53. Chuckie Keeton had another season-ending injury.

52. Darrell Garritson, our second-string quarterback, received a season-ending injury.

51. Craig Harrison, our third string quarterback, received a season-ending injury.

50. Our fourth-string quarterback was good!

49. Our fourth-string quarterback left a game with an injury, resulting in FIVE quarterbacks being played for USU this season.

48. After knowing him for probably five years, he finally asked me a question about myself.

47. That we won the Weber State basketball game

46. Former USU football coach, Gary Andersen, left Wisconsin to coach at Oregon State.

45. The BYU vs. Memphis BRAWL at the Miami Bowl. Whoa.

44. She believed everything she said.

42. I was diagnosed with autoimmune failure with no clear cause.

41. I have had pain almost every day since February 28, 2014.

40. The near-complete shut-down of my body prior to being hospitalized.

39. That the ER sent me home the first night when I couldn't walk, open doors, raise my arms, or even write my name to sign myself in.

37. I graduated from grad school!

36. I graduated with a 4.0.

35. My stalker is engaged!

34. His feelings for her.

33. She doesn't care. 

32. They discussed divorce.

31. She slept in the hospital,

30. The Marilyn Monroe debacle on Facebook. I was compared to her sleeping around ways. Ha!

29.  I took a "How Mormon are You?" quiz and got Jack Mormon {pretty sure because I didn't vote for Jimmer}.

27. The Ferguson, Missouri debacle. 

26. How people can assume they can resist being arrested and not get injured or KILLED in the process. 

25. I answered a quiz question verbatim to a sentence in the assigned text and still got it wrong.

24. How rude the triage nurse was to me when I was checking into the ER.

23. How many medications I became allergic to.

22. He didn't come to the funeral.

21. Instagram took THIS long to enable you to edit photos!!!

19. He filed for divorce.

18. "Entitled"

17. We won the BYU football game on the day we buried our Steven. Say what you may, but I do believe a loving God, who doesn't care about football, provided a grieving family with a nice little tender mercy on the day they buried their loved one.

16. She hired an attorney.

15. She also hired an attorney.

13. In a three-week time span I lost four loved ones.

12. He did that one thing.

11. He said that one thing.

10. They hugged for the first time.

9. My employment of 6.5 years was terminated. 

8. The unbelievable kindness, charity and generosity that countless people have provided my sister, her boys and our entire family following the loss of our Steve. I am brought to tears on a regular basis  because of the goodness of people in this world. Thank you, for the bottom of our broken hearts.

7. The complete distasteful remarks from a healthcare professional.

6. The absolute neglectful job performance of some people.

5. He reached out to me via email after no speaking to me for almost three years.

4. The same day our Steven passed away, a family member was abducted.

3. He was safely returned. 

2. We have somehow managed to survive 14 weeks and three days without our Steven.


And if you are feeling nostalgic: 2008 2009 2010 2011 and  2013.
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