Employment | Day 376

Whilst waiting in a classroom with five students for a meeting to begin, the teacher walked out of the room and one of the students said to me, "Whose mom are you?"

I inquired, "Whose dad are you?"

He laughed, "I am not a dad! I don't have kids!"

I smiled back, "I am not a mom! I don't have kids!"

I call this photo: "I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER!"
He then asked if I was a teacher. I told him I was not. He then asked if I worked for the school, "Like are you a secretary somewhere?"

I told him I did work for the district, but I was not a secretary. He then asked what I did. When I told him I was a behavior analyst, another child perked up and said, "Are you here for Tony?? He's mean!!"

To my faithful blog readers, I was not there for this so-called "Tony". I don't even know a Tony.

I am mostly telling you this story for two purposes. The first? I sure showed that kid for asking me whose mom I was and two, second student has got skillz! I am impressed he connected being a behavior analyst with "mean" "Tony". Most adults don't even have a clue of what my profession is when I tell them behavior analyst. 

I do suppose I could go on to tell you that a third student said to me, "So, do you like go to ALL the schools?" When I told him I did he said, "Like Spring Creek?"

I told him I did and he asked which school was newer, his or Spring Creek. I told him his was. He then asked which school was prettier. And I told him his was, IMHO. He then shouted out to the classroom of five students, "Man, I want to go to Spring Creek! Sounds like the girls are hotter there!"

I am not sure how an older, uglier school denoted hotter female students, but whatevs. It was a good day. And I guess that's all.


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

what a cute story.


Natalie said...

Ok, can I use this? I get this question all the time in primary haha

Stephanie Hyde said...

you are hilarious!

Mindy said...

Ha ha! Of course!

Mindy said...

Ha ha! Of course!

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