2015 Blog Review

As the year comes to an end, I thought it would be fun to provide a year in review of the blog to point out some of the blog highlights from the last year. First and foremost, I wrote 41 posts this year, the lowest production of posts from me ever. I intetionally only wrote once a week my first year of blogging and still wrote nine more posts that this year. Yikes. :)


- I did my annual 101 Most Shocking Moments of 2014 list. This always seems to be a crowd pleaser.

- I hosted a Black & White party, which caused mucho mas controvery. So much so, that I had to have a follow up post to clarify.


-  I wrote about my NEW CAR! While I am thrilled to have my new car, it was a bit of a bummer because I wasn't planning on getting one. Ha.

- I also shared a little bit about why it has been so hard to write.


- March marked the one year anniversary since I was first diagnosed with autoimmune failure. I gave a quick look at what autoimmune failure has looked like for the first year I have had it.

- I also wrote about a commical experience in fourth-grade when a classmate bit herself and blamed it on me and how I had to set her and the principal straight. ;)


- While late to the game, I finally posted about what it is really like to be a Mormon woman in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After some controversy in the media regarding Mormon women in the past couple of years, I wanted everyone to know the truth from my three plus decades of experience.

- After 17 years of being the head basketball coach at Utah State University, Stew Morrill retired and I wrote him an open letter of what his time at USU meant to me.

- I shared some insight on what grief looks like six months later.


- I received a horrific Facebook message judging my grief and my relationship with my beloved, deceased brother-in-law, Steve. I had a message for that stranger. And I wrote about it on my blog.

- I wanted to post about the unbelievable detrioation of my nose, but it was over shadowed by my gall-bladder.


- "You're too young to have a colonoscopy!" THANKS, I THOUGHT SO TOO. But, I thought wrong. But, hey! I don't have cancer!

- You finally got to hear about the detrioation of my septum. ;) You lucky son of a gun! ;)


-  I literally wrote twice. Once about throwing a frisbee {no lie!} and a second time about an empty seat in our family.


- August brought my MOST POPULAR BLOG POST EVER ... You can read it here. :)


- After a gruesome recovery from my nose surgery and the year anniversary of Steve's death, September saw one single blog post. It was about my new job and a fun new nickname. ;)


- I wished you a very frightening Happy Halloween. ;)

- I tried to convey why I have continued to struggle to try and write.


- I wrote probably one of my most well-received blog posts of all time, talking about one of my greatest heartaches, outside of our loss of Steve.

- The first Thornley wedding in 18 years!!!!!!! And then a few more of these !!!!!!!!!!!


- More work shenanigans.

- And the severe autoimmune pain has returned after a 19-month hiatus. :(

Please share one or two of YOUR most memorable posts of 2015 and I will find my way over to your blog to check it out! :)

I got this idea from the wonderful Aubrey Zaruba, but missed out on their link up, so I am over here on my own, as if I had the cheese touch. ;)

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