I hear the bells!

On the second Saturday in September my baby sister got hitched!

This was the first Thornley wedding in almost 18 years.

Clearly, we can blame that delay on me. 

But I digress. :)

Before I continue, I need you to know that great lengths were taken for this post to be written. I accidentally made the mistake to download all the wedding photos while at my computer {read as turtle in peanut butter slow internet} and after I clicked on "download" it told me it would take three hours to download all the photos. But don't worry, the time increased to two days. Ha! Essentially, what I am telling you is that is takes forever and hell might freeze over and I might be married before the download was complete. ;)

We love Jordan and how wonderful he is to our Missy. It was an almost perfect day. The only thing it lacked to meet perfection was our Stevie there in person, although we know he was there is spirit. :)

#lastone #hellreallymightfreezeoverfirst #Imnotworriedaboutit

Photography by Claire Elizabeth and Cali Stoddard

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