This is Halloween. This is Halloween.

Sometimes, on Halloween, I wish I had children. So I could steal their candy. But I digress.

At my previous job, Halloween was super fun. It was super fun because some of my besties {who I just happened to work with} and I would do themed costumes ... Avengers, Wizard of Oz. I mean, as an adult, how do you beat that? Besides stealing your children's candy, that is. :)

I do find some some solace in Halloween as an adult, because there is usually a Utah State basketball game to go to. :) Such is the case tonight.

But the best I can do as far as Halloween goes this year?

Happy Halloween, ya filthy animals.

And it must be said, this wasn't taken today. No, no. Last month.

And it must be said, I didn't buy it. No, no. I just wore it in Target.

AND, as always, for your Halloween entertainment, I take you back to 2009. You are welcome.


Harlynn said...

Fancy that mask! Target must have some nifty clown stuff, haha. Happy Halloween!!

- Harlynn

Ellen Ross | Ask Away said...

OMG that mask is cray!
XO Ellen from Ask Away

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