I got a nose job!

On Monday, July 20, 2015 ... I got a nose job!

Or a septum job. Whatevs, right?

When the ENT went in to fix my septum, he realized it was in way worse shape than he thought it was in. To repair it ... he grafted cartilage from my ear onto the defected septum. 

If that doesn't sound yummy, I don't know what does!

Very quickly after waking up from surgery I began to question people who get real nose jobs. For the life of me, I will never know how anyone willingly subjects themselves to such horrific-ness!

Pain, pain, pain! Throwing up. Debilitating headaches. SO MUCH PRESSURE ON MY ENTIRE FACE I asked the nurse to chop off my head. Apparently more than once. Ha. 

During the surgery they put plastic stents into your nostrils. Never mind that nothing should ever be that large in your nostril! The pressure they produced cannot be compared. I was sick EVERY single day {that was 11 of them!} until they came out. Debilitating, laying on the bed, cannot move, want to throw up, ice pack on my head sick! 

I counted down the days until they came out. And never mind that the day before I was supposed to get them out the doctor called and said he wanted to leave them in for three more days! I about broke down and sobbed. 

As soon as they came out, I began to understand why people are okay living life again. :) 

I am still not out of the clear. The first two weeks are the most crucial to ensure the septum isn't disrupted, but it isn't until about six weeks that it is pretty safe to say a slight swat to the face won't break my nose and make me repeat the entire process ... and that's if they graft takes. 

That's right, the graft might not take! But when the ENT took out my stents he said it was looking SO good. So, that's what I am still banking on! I will know more on the 21st of August when I return to Ogden to see how it it going. 

Until then ... I do smell my own nose again. BUT! I am stent-free and all seems to be going well! Fingers crossed!


Lizzie Ann said...

I am glad to see that they are finally finding solutions! I feel like you have been sick for so long, and you are pretty much the happiest person ever, so it is a bummer when you are not feeling well! Hope it all gets better soon.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Sorry to hear your in so much pain. Glad they figure out what the problem was.


The Hairapist said...

I had almost the exact same procedure done on July 1. It was the most difficult recovery I have ever had from a surgery. I'm praying for you.

steve and jessica said...

:( I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly!

steve and jessica said...
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