An ENT who NOSE.*

I've been told more than once that I haven't updated in xx amount of days.

There is good cause for this. 

And this post will begin to explain why. :)

I mentioned previously that I went to the ENTs in Logan for some answers regarding my nose. They were great for the soul purpose that they helped me stop smelling my own nose. For that, I will be eternally grateful. 

But other than that, they weren't too helpful. Things actually became so sketchy with them that I felt as I had no other option to get a second opinion outside of the valley. 

I opted to go to an ENT in Ogden. 

While there, I couldn't help but notice the irony of my t-shirt of being "home" while at yet another doctor appointment. 

This ENT was FABULOUS. He cleared up all the sketchiness from the Logan ENTs and provided a lot of answers. He discovered that my septum was deteriorating. After looking at some previous medical tests that had been done on me he determine that the vessels in my septum likely burst when my entire body became inflamed and was hospitalized.  This resulted in the deterioration of my septum and the constant nose bleeds. The deterioration of my septum likely caused an infection, which resulted in the never-ending sinus infection.

And voila! The mysteries of my 1.5-year-long nose problems were discovered!! 

This ENT also came up with a game plan to correct the deterioration of my septum through nose surgery, which would take place in 10 days from my appointment. Nervous, yet excited to finally have some answers and solutions! At least one item would be crossed off my bucket-list of autoimmune discovery! 

* Yes, I meant to be punny with my title. Thought shalt laugh. 

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