Where's Waldo?

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people participating in contests at basketball, football games or similar events and thought, "Not in my long-legged life would I ever participate!"

Yet, here I am, at the Freedom Fire show on the third of July participating in a dang dumb contest. 

And for why?

So that I could get early entrance into the stadium and save a handi-man* seat for my brother and the surrounding seats for my family so we could all sit together. 

Some say I am the best sister in the world. And those some would be right. ;)

It must be said, that the little four-year-old in the patriotic dress to my left beat me. And every other adult and human in our group. 

Also, some say that I look like Where's Waldo? And those some also would be right. 


* Handi-man is a term coined by my brother. He received all royalties earned on the use of this word. ;)

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

your too cute. Have a great week.


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