When your body wants to resign from life ...

I have been to so many doctor appointments lately and have so many scheduled for the future, that ... it kind of seems that is what my summer break has turned into. One big doctor fest. I am not saying it's horrible. Oh, wait. I am. 

I was really hoping that after a visit to the ENT and the gastroenterologist that I would have some concrete answers. My biggest fear was that I would go and there would be just more questions. And that, my friends ... that's exactly what happened. 

I have been in pain every day since May 26th. And don't get me wrong, this isn't my normal autoimmune disorder pain that comes every day ... it's in addition to that. My entire digestive system is on downward spiraling train track, waiting for its inevitable careening out of control and crash! 

On this day, if I sat down and pressed really hard where my gallbladder is, it felt okayish for a bit. 
About a week after I went into the gastroenterologist, some tests that they took came back. And they came back positive ... which, is exactly what we didn't want to happen. 

Because of these positive results I "get" to go in for an extremely pleasant procedure in two weeks. It's so "pleasant" that I am not even going to tell you what it is. You're welcome.

I am really, really hoping I pass several days prior to this procedure so I will have no recollection of it whatsoever. And don't even worry about that this type of procedure is recommended for people two decades older than myself. Whatevs. It's cool. And by cool I mean totally and completely uncool. 

And maybe ... just maybe it might provide some answers so my body doesn't end up resigning its position in life without my permission. 

Oh, and my nose? Yeah, CT scan for that and hopefully that yielded some information, which I will find out on Tuesday. Like I said, it's a party. Anyone want an invitation??


Ruth Emmett said...

Mindy, I'm so sorry. I know a lot people may think it's a bunch of bull crap…but have you ever heard of the GAPS diet? I'm reading it right now…it's a diet/program to heal digestive systems and immune systems/autoimmune as well as other health issues. I'm reading the book right now, thinking about doing it just to help my immune system. The book is "Gut and Psycology Syndrome" by Natasha Campbell. It's pretty restrictive at first but then you add foods in once your digestion and gut lining is healed etc.. So it takes some will power if you like sweets and things(like me )… Maybe worth a try!

Katie Jane said...

I have lovely GI issues and it was really hard to find a dr I could trust. If you need any dr recommendations let me know. I am sorry about your autoimmune issues! No fun at all.

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