What is the exact opposite of fun?

This is. This is the exact opposite of fun.

The good news, I don't have cancer!

The bad news, I don't have anything ... err, at least the extremely invasive surgery/procedure proved to determine what we already knew - no one has no idea what is wrong with me or why my body is falling apart. 

How can something be so good and so bad at the same time?

On the plus side, after four days of a clear liquid diet only, a saltine cracker tastes like gourmet cuisine! I had never in my long-legged life, tasted such a FABULOUS saltine cracker as I did following the procedure. 

I then followed that up with raspberry, white chocolate chip with cream cheese drizzled pancakes. And a turkey steak, fries and six Maddox rolls. Yeah, six. Oh, then, a cream cheese brownie, naturally.

Here's to the two doctor appointments outside of Cache Valley over the next two weeks to see if they have any answers! :)


Melissa said...

Mindy, I don't know what your opinion on alternative medicine is, but my dear friend recently had several health problems that no doctor was finding answers to and he went to a Body Talk practitioner and was able to get his issues resolved. The idea is that your body knows how to heal itself, but sometimes there's something in the way and the practitioner is essentially trained to speak the language of the body or "talk" with it to figure out what it needs. I think it would definitely be worth a try. Here is a list of Utah practitioners: https://www.bodytalksystem.com/practitioners/index.cfm?os=UT&oc=US&country=US&state=UT%3AUS&city=&name=. I hope you get feeling better!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

yay for no cancer. Sorry they couldn't figure out what wrong with you.


Cindi O said...

That's great news that it's not cancer. Bless your heart, you've been through so much already. I hope you are soon on the road to recovery and good health.

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