This post has nothing to do with Bruce Jenner ... er... Caitlyn Jenner.

Well, my alleged gallbladder problems haven't gone away, but they haven't gotten worse. All this means is I've had to wait until my appointment with the gastroenterologist tomorrow before I can hopefully get some answers. 

What this means for you is, I can now talk about my nose. You're welcome.

I have mentioned before that ever since I came out of the hospital in March 2014 that I had nose bleeds and sinus infections. About a month ago I finally decided I ought to go see an ENT to correct this, as it was driving me batty.

The soonest the ENT could get me in was three weeks away, which was fine ... until I could feel the inside of my nose falling apart. I kid you not.

If I would press on the outside of my nose, I could feel something shift and affect the opposite side of where I was pushing on my nose. 

And this next part ... is not suitable for children {nor many adults for that matter}. I could start smelling my own nose. Fantastic, no?

As soon as I felt my nose move, I called the ENT immediately to see if I needed to get in sooner. They said nope! Just be "really careful" with my nose. I asked if I could be put on a cancellation list. They said nope! But I could call every day to see if there were any cancellations. And call I did! Twice a day! With no luck!

When my appointment date finally came ... it was a doozy! When the ENT looked into my nose she said, "This is bad. This is very bad."

Yeah, I figured as much when I started smelling my own nose.

So, a biopsy was done.

And my nose was falling apart on the inside! 

I get a CT scan on Thursday and potential surgery later this summer.  

So, there's that. 

Oh, and they helped it so I can't smell my own nose anymore. Phew. 

Gallbladder stuff tomorrow, nose stuff Thursday. So far my summer break is filled with doctors, doctors and more doctors! It's party time, chumps. 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

that is sure scare. I hope you start feeling better soon.


steve and jessica said...

:( I hope that you start feeling better quickly!

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