One year

Today marks the one year mark since autoimmune failure made its grand entrance into my life. 

Instacare Visit | 3-2-14
I s'pose the actual symptoms started arriving sooner (sinus infection, skin infection, cold symptoms etc.), but today marks the year mark since the pain arrived ... and hasn't left since. 

What does it look like a year later?

I literally have had pain every day that I can remember, sans one. It can be a dull aching pain at times or sharp and piercing at others. I don't necessarily have pain every minute of every day, but I have it at some point during every day. Pain in my fingers, wrists, arms, legs, joints, muscles, knees, feet, ankles, side of my neck, my ear. It's a pain party. And mostly on my right side. 

Cold symptoms on and off all the time. I had them for about six weeks back in the fall. I never know if I am actually coming down with a cold or just have autoimmune failure symptoms. 

Sinus-infection like symptoms the majority of the time.


Bloody noses.

And my favorite? In late August, I started having to take medicine EVERY morning and night so I could ... Eat food.

And no other name to call it that simply, autoimmune failure. 

It has become so normal that this is my new normal and I have no belief it will change from this point. Annnd ... oh, well. Of all the things I lost in 2014, my health wasn't my biggest concern. So, I s'pose I will carry on and be grateful it isn't worse. 


Suburban prep said...

It is amazing when a new normal is what you think of as normal.
I know as I wanted my life back to what it was after I had developed DVT and also before that fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.
I have other issues now that I try to meet but some feel like they are kicking my behind.
As my father states as a survivor of a heart attack and a stroke--any day you can get out of bed is a good day. I try to believe this--somedays it is easier than others.
I do hope that things get better for you.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I can't belive it been a year already. A lot of people have been getting this.

P.S. My blog has moved to http://www.amysfashionblog.com/blog-home

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