Mindy & The Principal's Office

As a youngster, I was called to the principal's office. Twice.

And both times were in elementary school.

Apparently, I was a thug in my younger years, but fortunately, stopped those thug ways. About three years ago, I guess. ;)

The first time I went wasn't really my fault. And of course that is what an elementary school-aged thug would say, but I am sticking to it. 

The second time I was called to the principal's office wasn't really my fault either. At least, I am not 100% confident it was. 

In fifth-grade I was in Mrs. Fishburn's class.

If I am to be completely honest, she was the one teacher everyone dreaded having in fifth-grade. I am 97% positive it was because her last name was, well, Fishburn. I have never had a Mrs. BurntBagel, but I doubt she'd be popular either. I am also pretty confident that she was feared because she didn't allow cute Tenille to dot her i's with hearts. I mean, with those two things, the odds are stacking up against you!

At my elementary school, it was against the rules to throw snowballs. I wasn't confident in what the consequences of snowball throwing were, but I was pretty sure it was suspension, walking the plank or something as equally frightening. 

So, I was a good kid. And didn't throw snowballs. Most didn't. 

But then, one day, during lunch recess, Mrs. Fishburn's entire class thought it would be a brilliant idea for all of us to throw snowballs. I mean, like, what were they going to do to us? Suspend her entire class!?

Even if they did, maybe that would make Mrs. Fishburn like us better because we gave her an apparent, much-needed day off. 

So, snowball fight was held.

And ... it was enjoyable.

And when recess was over and we were lining up to go back to class, the myths of suspension and walking the plank were behind us. I mean, they didn't stop us from having the snowball fight {with "they" meaning the recess aides on duty}. So, we got away with it.

That is, until instead of leading us back to our classroom, they marched every last one of us into the principal's office. 

Hello, Mr. Sorenson. We meet again.

We clearly didn't all fit into the office. We were overflowing into the main office. 

If I am to be completely honest, I don't recall what was said to us. Except, I do remember one thing, "I have never had to have an entire class in my office at once!"

And you know what I thought? Awesome, we just broke a school record.

And with that, I was quite pleased with my day and being called into the principal's office. I mean, it isn't every day you break a school record. 

And ... that's all. 

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