Hello, my name is Mindy and I have straight teeth.

In first grade, I attended a birthday party for Katie G. and got the chicken pox.

This isn't really relevant to what I am going to continue to say, except for the fact that as an adult, I am realizing that if I had an arch nemesis in elementary school, it probably would have had to have been Katie G. After all, she gave me chicken pox.

In fourth grade Katie and I were playing a rousing game of  keep away. Okay, I might be lying on the rousing part.

Katie got a little feisty at one point and with a small push, stole the ball. 

Even at my young age, I knew this tiny kid had nothin' on me, so I decided to retain possession of the ball through intimidation tactics ... as in I pretended to bite her. I say pretend because I made the motion that I was going to, but did not make contact with her {because, hello, that is germy}.

The tactic worked. I got the ball. All was right with the world.

... until when after recess the principal came into my classroom and "invited" me to his office. 

Guys, this was my first time ever being called to the principal's office and I was T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D {and yes, by saying this my was "first" time to his office does indicate it was not my last, but that is an entirely different story for an entirely different day}. 

When I followed him into his office, I saw my elementary school arch nemesis, Katie G. Dun, dun, dun!

Principal Sorenson says to me, "Do you know why you are in here today?"

I am pretty sure my 10-year-old mind thought to itself, Because Katie G. is a baby and lost Keep Away? But answered with a simple, "No" instead.

The principal then went on to inform me that I had been called into his office because I had BIT Katie G. and left the most horrific bite mark on her arms.

I looked at my alleged crime and literally laughed when I saw it. 

10-year-old Mindy said to the principal, "I clearly couldn't have left that mark. My teeth are straight and the teeth that left that bite mark are crooked."

Awkwardly, the principal asked me to show him my teeth. Hello, straight. And then, with the same level of awkwardness, asked Katie G. to show him hers. Hello, crooked culprit. 

So, this is all to say ... that, I had an elementary school arch nemesis ... and to thank my parents for my straight teeth ... and to laugh at how 10-year-old Mindy was smarter than the school principal. ;)

That's all. 


Tresan said...

This is pure awesome. I can only hope my children can outsmart the principal too someday!

Cindi O said...

Classic. Smart thinking smarty pants. Kudos! So did Katie G. leave you alone after that? Was her dad's name Kenny G? (Just kidding, I thought it sounded funny, Katie G and then Kenny G)

Marinda said...

This story totally brightened my day. So funny!

steve and jessica said...

I love how your write. That was a really funny story.

steve and jessica said...

(I love how you write and that you were right. Sorry for the typo. :))

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