Mindy & The Principal's Office

As a youngster, I was called to the principal's office. Twice.

And both times were in elementary school.

Apparently, I was a thug in my younger years, but fortunately, stopped those thug ways. About three years ago, I guess. ;)

The first time I went wasn't really my fault. And of course that is what an elementary school-aged thug would say, but I am sticking to it. 

The second time I was called to the principal's office wasn't really my fault either. At least, I am not 100% confident it was. 

In fifth-grade I was in Mrs. Fishburn's class.

If I am to be completely honest, she was the one teacher everyone dreaded having in fifth-grade. I am 97% positive it was because her last name was, well, Fishburn. I have never had a Mrs. BurntBagel, but I doubt she'd be popular either. I am also pretty confident that she was feared because she didn't allow cute Tenille to dot her i's with hearts. I mean, with those two things, the odds are stacking up against you!

At my elementary school, it was against the rules to throw snowballs. I wasn't confident in what the consequences of snowball throwing were, but I was pretty sure it was suspension, walking the plank or something as equally frightening. 

So, I was a good kid. And didn't throw snowballs. Most didn't. 

But then, one day, during lunch recess, Mrs. Fishburn's entire class thought it would be a brilliant idea for all of us to throw snowballs. I mean, like, what were they going to do to us? Suspend her entire class!?

Even if they did, maybe that would make Mrs. Fishburn like us better because we gave her an apparent, much-needed day off. 

So, snowball fight was held.

And ... it was enjoyable.

And when recess was over and we were lining up to go back to class, the myths of suspension and walking the plank were behind us. I mean, they didn't stop us from having the snowball fight {with "they" meaning the recess aides on duty}. So, we got away with it.

That is, until instead of leading us back to our classroom, they marched every last one of us into the principal's office. 

Hello, Mr. Sorenson. We meet again.

We clearly didn't all fit into the office. We were overflowing into the main office. 

If I am to be completely honest, I don't recall what was said to us. Except, I do remember one thing, "I have never had to have an entire class in my office at once!"

And you know what I thought? Awesome, we just broke a school record.

And with that, I was quite pleased with my day and being called into the principal's office. I mean, it isn't every day you break a school record. 

And ... that's all. 


Looking for a job??

Guys, I am in desperate need for an aide in one of the elementary school. So, as odd as this is: if you live in the Cache Valley area and are looking for work or someone you know is looking for work, here's the info.

Location: North Logan
Days: M-F
Hours: 8:40-12:30

The position is working with a kindergartner. 

Must be 16+ to apply and the ability to pass a background check. 

If interested, send resumes to mindy.thornley@ccsdut.org ASAP. 



Hello, my name is Mindy and I have straight teeth.

In first grade, I attended a birthday party for Katie G. and got the chicken pox.

This isn't really relevant to what I am going to continue to say, except for the fact that as an adult, I am realizing that if I had an arch nemesis in elementary school, it probably would have had to have been Katie G. After all, she gave me chicken pox.

In fourth grade Katie and I were playing a rousing game of  keep away. Okay, I might be lying on the rousing part.

Katie got a little feisty at one point and with a small push, stole the ball. 

Even at my young age, I knew this tiny kid had nothin' on me, so I decided to retain possession of the ball through intimidation tactics ... as in I pretended to bite her. I say pretend because I made the motion that I was going to, but did not make contact with her {because, hello, that is germy}.

The tactic worked. I got the ball. All was right with the world.

... until when after recess the principal came into my classroom and "invited" me to his office. 

Guys, this was my first time ever being called to the principal's office and I was T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D {and yes, by saying this my was "first" time to his office does indicate it was not my last, but that is an entirely different story for an entirely different day}. 

When I followed him into his office, I saw my elementary school arch nemesis, Katie G. Dun, dun, dun!

Principal Sorenson says to me, "Do you know why you are in here today?"

I am pretty sure my 10-year-old mind thought to itself, Because Katie G. is a baby and lost Keep Away? But answered with a simple, "No" instead.

The principal then went on to inform me that I had been called into his office because I had BIT Katie G. and left the most horrific bite mark on her arms.

I looked at my alleged crime and literally laughed when I saw it. 

10-year-old Mindy said to the principal, "I clearly couldn't have left that mark. My teeth are straight and the teeth that left that bite mark are crooked."

Awkwardly, the principal asked me to show him my teeth. Hello, straight. And then, with the same level of awkwardness, asked Katie G. to show him hers. Hello, crooked culprit. 

So, this is all to say ... that, I had an elementary school arch nemesis ... and to thank my parents for my straight teeth ... and to laugh at how 10-year-old Mindy was smarter than the school principal. ;)

That's all. 


Hello, embarrassment.

Generally, I don't get embarrassed too easily.

This photo has nothing to do with this post. But I need the world to see how this baby beast, owned by my parents, apparently likes to make himself comfortable at my expense. This photo exists primarily to be a "good" blogger and not have a photoless post, which we all know is one of the most tragic sins of blogging, or so we are told. 
Case in point. I once peed my pants my sophomore year in high school {circumstances which led up to this made it, quite frankly, unavoidable} and not only am I telling this to the world-wide web this horrific fact, but I once told it over the pulpit when speaking at Church. I mean, if you want to judge me on that. Go ahead. I have bigger fish to fry. 

But here's the thing. Last week ... last week I did something that actually embarrassed me.

My beloved Murf got not just one, but two cracks in the windshield in a matter of days. I was quite grumpy, to say the least. And while driving the majority of my family members to a restaurant for dinner, I braked at an intersection and the four inch crack on the windshield turned into a two foot crack right before my eyes.

I was shocked and distraught all at once. And as I parked the car to go inside the restaurant, I had visions of my entire windshield cracking in every square inch {hey, I said I don't get embarrassed easily, I never said I never got overly dramatic}.

I remember getting out of my car, walking with my family to the restaurant thinking something was amiss. But I couldn't tell if I was just anxious about what was happening to Murf or if maybe it was something else. I figured, "Eh, you should probably check to see if you locked the doors", but was too distraught to do so.

Long story still long, but not as long. As we are finished at the restaurant and are walking out, I cannot find my keys anywhere! I realize, the "off" feeling I had was likely that I had left my keys in my car. I was too concerned however, because I was still pretty convinced I hadn't locked Murf.

As I get to my car and open the door I notice two very important things: 1) The radio is playing and 2) It is very, very warm in my car.

So, yes. I did not lock my car. And I did leave my keys in the car. In the ignition. With the car completely and entirely on. 

And, hello, embarrassment.

But, at least my car was warm when I got in, right?


One year

Today marks the one year mark since autoimmune failure made its grand entrance into my life. 

Instacare Visit | 3-2-14
I s'pose the actual symptoms started arriving sooner (sinus infection, skin infection, cold symptoms etc.), but today marks the year mark since the pain arrived ... and hasn't left since. 

What does it look like a year later?

I literally have had pain every day that I can remember, sans one. It can be a dull aching pain at times or sharp and piercing at others. I don't necessarily have pain every minute of every day, but I have it at some point during every day. Pain in my fingers, wrists, arms, legs, joints, muscles, knees, feet, ankles, side of my neck, my ear. It's a pain party. And mostly on my right side. 

Cold symptoms on and off all the time. I had them for about six weeks back in the fall. I never know if I am actually coming down with a cold or just have autoimmune failure symptoms. 

Sinus-infection like symptoms the majority of the time.


Bloody noses.

And my favorite? In late August, I started having to take medicine EVERY morning and night so I could ... Eat food.

And no other name to call it that simply, autoimmune failure. 

It has become so normal that this is my new normal and I have no belief it will change from this point. Annnd ... oh, well. Of all the things I lost in 2014, my health wasn't my biggest concern. So, I s'pose I will carry on and be grateful it isn't worse. 


Mindy & Law Enforcement

Let's get real, peeps.

I have lost count of how many times I have been pulled over by law enforcement. 

So much so, that I didn't feel Murphy could fully be initiated as one of my cars until I was pulled over while driving him.

Good thing it only took about a month for it to happen.

Apparently I did not come to a full and complete stop.


It's uber frustrating because I was driving on a somewhat "new" road in Logan, which cops populate like a donut shop. Because of this, I am so, so, SO careful when driving on this street. It is actual stressful for me to do so.

And while I was so careful to maintain appropriate speed and obey every law of the land regarding driving a vehicle, two days ago - I failed. 

I rolled at a stop.

And I got a ticket for doing so.

And I feel there are thee major points to bring out regarding this experience.

One. The officer did a u-turn over a double yellow line to come get me. I ain't no expert, but common sense tells me crossing double yellow lines is far more dangerous and a far more serious offense than "rolling" at a stop. And yes, I am aware that sometimes law officials must make adaptations to the law to catch criminals ... like me when I rolled at a stop sign. I suppose it is like a math equation, two negative equal a positive???

Two. I was pulled over on February 27th, leading me to believe I was merely a victim of month-end quotas. 

Three. The officer was the nicest and kindest officer I have ever met {well, sans my USU running teammates Sheena and Shae, and my high school running teammates father, Lt. Geier}. She was actually extremely apologetic. She said how sorry she was for providing me a ticket and how she hoped she didn't ruin my day. Besides being so nice she was super cute too. 

And, I guess that is all I have to say. I was pulled over for a rolling stop to meet month-end quotas by the prettiest and nicest officer very apologetic police offer who broke the law herself to pull me over, which is okay because apparently the law and math are similar when it comes to two negative making a positive. Yeah, I feel like the world-wide web needed this information today. 
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