New Wheels

About a month ago I was driving home from my parents' home and my beloved Wilson began making the most horrific noise. 

And then he started dying at stop signs, lights, and while waiting to do left-hand turns.

And then he started smoking.

And then he wouldn't restart, while smoking, in the middle of a road, while attempting to make a left-hand turn and two strange men had to assist me in pushing my car to the side of the road.

And then when making a phone call for help to come, my phone died.

And then one of the strange men invited me into his adorably modern home with his adorable wife to charge my phone to revive my phone. 

And then Wilson was towed to a local mechanic where it was discovered that the head gasket blew, resulting in metal and coolant getting into the engine, resulting in the engine seizing up and Wilson giving up the ghost.


To make a long story somewhat shorter, through the help of the wonderful Erin Wilson of Wilson Motor Company, a typically horrific and high anxiety-inducing process of car buying was made perfectly simple. 

She helped me get not only a fantastic car that I could feel confident and safe in purchasing, but she got me THE car that my Shtev had researched extensively for me prior to his passing. 

Everyone, meet Murphy Wilson {the name is in honor of my Shtev and my last car}. I think I will call him Murf for short, but Murphy is kind of sticking.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but the gratitude for Erin's kindness and efforts in helping me find the car that Steve wanted for me know no bounds. Steve wanted this car for me to be safe in as I traveled alone. Steve wanted this car for me to last for a long, long time. Even after his passing, this car is able to represent the love and car he provided for me for 17 years. And now is able to continue to do. 

If anyone ever needs a car, regardless if you are in Logan or not, please, please look into Wilson Motor Company for all your car needs. Erin went above and beyond in every way possible to get me my perfect car.  I am fully confident in the quality, price and service I received because of her hard work and diligence ... and want YOU to feel the same when in a stress and anxiety inducing pickle such as buying a car. 

P.S. It didn't hurt that these babies were waiting for me in Murphy when I was driving off the lot as the owner of the car. 


While it may appear that I was compensated for this post, I was not! I am actually just THIS THRILLED with the services Wilson Motor Company provided me. 


Suburban prep said...

love CR-Vs

Amy Fashion Blog said...

congrats on the new car

P.S. My blog has moved to http://www.amysfashionblog.com/blog-home

Krystal said...

New cars are so fun! Yay for a great new car. love it

Mindy said...

I do too - totally in love with it!

Mindy said...

Thank you, Amy. :)

Mindy said...

Thanks, Krystal. :) :)

Usman Iqbal said...

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Damion said...

Isn't it great that there are still “good samaritans” out there willing to help a stranger in need? Looks like your time was right for finding a replacement. I hope Wilson Motor Company has an online dealership sales service because I pass through Logan frequently, and just might see what they have to offer when I need to replace my own vehicle. Thanks for the heads-up!

Damion @ Jacky Jones Lincoln

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