Is it ...

Because if it isn't, you probably shouldn't be saying it.

And if someone says it to you, you should definitely not repeat it. Dare I say, even tell them that it was unkind, unnecessary or untrue? Because you should.

You never know the damage you can do, the lives and relationships you can destroy by saying things that are unkind, unnecessary and untrue. 

And generally, what you say about others says far more about YOU than it does about them.  Trying to taint the good name of others, whether you happen to like them or not, never will bring the satisfaction or adequacy you are seeking in your own life.  

Just a thought. 


M said...

It's a good thought, but also one that you can easily break in denial that you are. I can be a huge gossip, basing what I say on what someone else told me, even though it really is probably true. Gossip is fun, but it's also so mean. I need to stop.

The Life of Little Me

Madeline said...

This is one of my mottos in life! It doesn't mean I'm perfect at it, but I sure do try! It makes life a lot easier!

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