Resolution Smesolution!

Guys. I hate resolutions. 

It's juuuust ... a lot of pressure.  And I don't need that in my life!

I made some really realistic resolutions last year. 

+ Put the clean laundry away the same day I wash it ... once

+ Take down the Christmas decorations

+ Buy a bedskirt 

+ See how long I can go on Facebook without talking about cream cheese brownies

+ Drink two bottles of water at work daily

+ Run once a week every week, unless my legs fall off

+ Stop writing 2013 on things

And I was successful with all (!!!) ... but three. ;)

I didn't put the clean laundry the same day I washed it (once) ever in 2014. 

I didn't drink two bottles of water daily. In fact, I actually sometimes went down from one to none.

And I definitely didn't run once a week even though my leg(s) didn't fall off.

BUT!! I did buy a bedskirt. I did stop writing 2013 on things. And I definitely took down the Christmas decorations. I took them down so hard that I actually never put them back up. Ha.

Oh, and I never did see how long I could go without talking about cream cheese brownies on Facebook. And I am absolutely too lazy to go see now. AND! Even if I did now, I didn't do it in 2014 so ... resolution FAIL!

So, yeah. It's January 8th and I haven't even considered making a resolution,

What about you?


Amy Fashion Blog said...

ya for doing some of your new year resolutions.

The Suzzzz said...

This year I resolve to eat more waffles, dance in my kitchen more, taken myself out on nice dates even if no one accompanies me, and to take a nap at least once a week. I like to keep my resolutions attainable and enjoyable.

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