Celebratin' Martin Luther in Style | A Black & White Party

For years now, I have wanted to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a Black & White Party.

Get it? A Black & White Party to celebrate good ol' Martin?

Ha! I find myself hilarious sometimes. Hilarious, I say!

This year, I finally got around to it!

One of the highlights, without a doubt, was Pin the Mustache on Martin!

And the fact that Winston {the pit bull} dressed up for the occasion!


How did you celebrate good, ol' Martin?


Cheri @ Overactive Blogger said...

Oh dear. This is actually extremely offensive.

Mindy said...

Cheri, I am so terribly sorry you were offended by this. That was not my intent. :(

Amy Fashion Blog said...

sounds like a fun party

The Suzzzz said...

Oh goodness. If the party had not been part of a day set aside for remembering the fight for civil rights and the assassination of one of the leaders of that fight, it would have been an adorable color scheme. But I think it does come off as a little flip and insensitive. It seems like you meant well but I can understand how people would be offended.

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