Lesser of two evils.

If you are a regular around these parts you know there are just some necessary {and unnecessary} evils in life ...  The dentist, the post office, the pharmacy, the bank, putting the clean laundry away ...

And then the two we are going to talk about {again} tonight ... grad school homework and taking photos alone

It's tough to decide which is worse. 

But when push came to shove, I opted to take photos alone to put off grad school homework {for a measly 10 minutes tops}. But it was worth it. Barely. But worth it. 

toAdorn sent me this neutral button up, collared shirt. 

I am really like neutrals lately {particularly with furniture, but that is another story for another day}. I was happy that I could pair the neutral with some springy colors {all springy things stolen from my sister, sans the belt} and make it HAPPY. I have actually thought of at least three other ways to wear it {some springy and some for winter!}.

P.S. I must tell you, while I stole the majority of these clothes from my sister, I finagled my nephew into taking photos for me. He suggested I slide down the railing. 


That was the most normal thing of this awkward take a photo alone thing. Maybe he should take all my photos? And we can go to a playground to do it? ;)

While these ones turned out 'aight, this one was my favorite.

Awesome. One day I will get this down ... right?

Well, now that I have successfully put of homework for 20 minutes ... :) I guess I will find my way back to the 32 page assignment {and to think, I am only on step 8 of 13 on the assignment rubric}. 

Here's hoping your night is faaaaaaaaaar better than solo photos and grad school homework.

And yes, I am still accepting tips on how to take photos alone.


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While this post was sponsored by toAdorn, the thoughts expressed are entirely my own. 

If you would like to know more about the deals toAdorn provides, scroll to the bottom of this post.

High Roller

Las Vegas is only a skip and a jump from St. George. We often times make a day of Vegas when visiting my brother and sister-in-law. Mainly because Las Vegas has an H&M, but whatevs. ;)

Besides H&M, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world {!!!} had just opened that week in Vegas.

The High Roller stands at 520 feet tall. Each pod holds up to 40 people. It takes about 25 minutes to ride the entire thing.

It was fun to see the Vegas skyline from above.

P.S. Some country music award thingy-ma-jig was going on below. Take a look at those pink porta-potties!!

At roughly 30 bucks a ride, I think it was worth it. It is closer to $20 if you go before 6:00 PM. We were even able to see the Bellagio water show from our pod! 

Tomorrow I will chat more about our Vegas adventures. Clearly whatever happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas where I am concerned. :)


Red Rocks

The first week of April I talked my mom into taking me down to St. George to visit my brother. 

I had to "talk her into it" because my health left too many question marks if I could make it down there by myself alone or not.

While I received some really stinky news on my vacation, I still tried to make the most of it. 

One thing I love about St. George are the beautiful red rocks. Right in town you can park your car and immediately be immersed by them.

It was also nice because I could go on a "hike" and be only five minutes away from the car at any time just in case I started feeling yucky.

Our little walkabout resulted in a nap afterwards, but it was nice to feel the sun and get out of the house {and away from homework!}.

Coming up tomorrow, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world! 



It has been a rough go lately.

And to be honest, that is an understatement.

That has been the major cause in lack of posts.

I have had so many things, mostly unhappy or unpleasant things, consuming my life that I just didn't have the desire, time or energy to write. And definitely not try and write the way I like to write on this blog. 

I thought I would try something to kinda get out of the funk. I think if I just get it all out there, I will feel more genuine to myself. And that always makes me happier. And I think will result in more blogging.

My health is still not better, although it seems to be getting better. For example, I can go hours without pain now. That's good! And I will take what I can. :) But the honest truth is I have been sick since the first week of February. That's three whole months of being sick. And I have been in pain every day since February 28th. 

I had to say goodbye of someone that had been in my life for a year. Ultimately, this was probably for the best. But, it's just difficult to no longer have your best friend, the person you told ALL the things to, the ridiculous things, the funny things, the frustrating things. I miss my best friend. Profoundly.

This semester of grad school has been ridiculous. I have never had such a disorganized class with unrealistic expectations. For example, on a quiz, I answered a questioned based off a direct quote from the book and I still got it wrong. When I presented this to my professor, she still said it was wrong. Apparently, I am supposed to know what in the assigned text is correct and what is incorrect ???? Also, a 30 page study guide for a 20 question quiz? I die. It ends this week. Yippee!!

While on spring break for work my mama graciously took me down to St. George for some sunshine and relaxation because she knew how hard life had been for me. While there, I was informed I would need to find a new place to live within a week or two and be out entirely practically within a month. Goodbye, relaxing vacation. :(

Between grad school, autoimmune failure and work, I had to apartment search. And roommate search. 

Then, between grad school, autoimmune failure and work, I had to start packing and moving furniture {that won't be coming with me}. Frown.

And, finally, throw in there extreme unhappiness being directed towards me from external sources, a police officer showing up at my home looking for me but not telling me what he needed, being summoned to court, my brother-in-law being extremely ill and my grandfather likely to pass away any day ... I just haven't had a lot to say.

And now, I think you might understand why. :)

But, I am still happy. Just exhausted and hoping some relief comes soon. 


Sometimes, love isn't enough.

For the past year I have been blessed to have a wonderful individual in my life. Without a doubt, this past year was brighter, happier, funnier and just all around better because he was in it. 

But even with everything we brought into each others' lives ... it just didn't take. And now, he is no longer a part of my life. We chose to part ways. For good.

Sometimes, love just isn't enough. 

But maybe one day it will be. Today just isn't that day.


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Said just like Jim Halpert said while mimicking Dwight K. Shrute saying, "Bears.Beets.Battlestar Galatica." 

Don't get me wrong, I am not a meat loooover. But I eat it. 

I didn't always eat it. I was kinda grossed out by hamburger in ninth through twelfth grades because my biology teacher showed me meat with worms in it one day. 

I am pretty sure my mom appreciated that as I ranted and raved about how disgusting meat was, hamburger in particular {and I seemed to be a little more okay with small chunks of it opposed to slabs of it in a hamburger per se}. But somehow, I got over it {I think because my mom convinced me that to run well, I needed protein}. 

Anyway, I still feel a little bit badly for the little animals who die so I can run fast. ;) But I try to forget about it. 

Unless I cannot forget about it because the TV show I am watching is saying how horrible meat eaters are. And how we should all be Vegan. 

But then I feel better when a random man rebukes this we.must.all.be.vegans. theory by saying, "There are many animals in this life that have very, very happy lives, but just have had one bad day." 

And then I laugh and realize I can and will eat meat. 

And then I also am reminded of the commercials I see on the television set about poor little animals, with Sarah Mclaclan singing in the background. And I want to donate all my monies to them. 

But then I pontificate, "How on this green earth could I ever justify saving an adorable little animal's life when there is a HUMANlife over in Africa I could be saving instead?" 


Also said like Dwight K. Shrute says, "Bears.eat.beets. Bears.beets.Battle Star Galatica." 

And then that reminds me of how in my high school psychology class with Como, he told a horrific story about little monkeys being used to test out infant and toddler car seats. Como would say how the poor little monkeys sometimes would be thrashedinto walls in defected car seats. 

In my grown-up years, I wonder if this story is even true. 

Buuut in my high school years, particularly and only on the day he told me this story, I about shed a tear in the horrific treatment of animals. But then Como said, "Some of you are feeling pretty badly for the monkeys right now, and that is understandable. But I say if that is going to save my child's life - kill all the monkeys you want.

I learned then that Como felt the same why I did also. Humans.trump.animals. 

And I hope it goes without saying that humans clearly trump aliens too ... Especially ones that want to kill humans. Oh, and plants too. Humans definitely trump plants. 

And then I think, "Why do we spell monkeys M-O-N-K-E-Y-S instead of M-O-N-K-I-E-S"?

But back to those commercials about little animals suffering ... if I could get a kitten that would stay a kitten, I would. But alas, they grow up and ... are no longer kittens. And I don't want a cat. I want a kitten. 

And that makes me think of how one day I maimed a cat once. I could just cry thinking about it. So I will stop. And I will stop writing this post because I have chocolate milk that needs to be drank.

Happy Friday people,!!!


Original post date: April 11, 2011.


May the odds ever be in your favor ...

I like odds. And statistics. Well, not really statistics. Does anyone like statistics besides statisticians? 
I found the following odds ever so pleasing. 

You have a one in 6,000 chance of injuring yourself every time you shave.

Your odds of becoming a professional athlete are the same as the odds of your parachute not opening up while skydiving.

Your odds of winning the lotto are the same as meeting and befriending George Clooney.

If you are between the ages of 20-30 you have an 86% chance of getting married.

If you are between the ages of 30-40 you have a 74% chance of getting married.

If you are in your 40's you have a 40% chance of getting married.

If you are in your 50's and single, you are more likely to be attacked by a terrorist than get married.

If you are a girl and have a close guy friend, he is twice as more likely to fall for you and want to date you than you are to fall for and want to date him.

And most importantly ... you have a one in 10,000 chance of being injured by your toilet.

Have any of you actually been injured by your toilet? If so, the rest of us are dying to know, so please share!

My apologies to anyone out there who thought this post was going to be about The Hunger Games. I hear the odds of surviving that are one in 24 ... unless your name is Katniss.

And with that, I am outta here. 


Original post date: April 29, 2009


Want to win ALL the things?

In this case, ALL the things are dollahs, 180 of them!

And it is ANY WAY YOU want it!

Go get 'em, Tiger.


I'm tall. Many men are short.

Yo, people.

I feel like I live in da 'hood when I say the word yo. I like feeling cultured. ;)

I have been kinda swamped lately. With illness. With finding a new place to live. With my hardest class of grad school yet. With my little heart being broken. 

All of those things make it difficult to upkeep this little bugger. So I am going to give myself a little break this week ... by posting some of my {and my readers} favorite posts of all time. Most of 'em will be oldies, so had I not told you they were re-posts, you would have never known. ;)

Today's post is brought to you by the number seven and the letter M and by January 12, 2009.

I hope you enjoy. :)

Just in case you didn't know ... I am taller than all of these men.

Hopes and dreams of being a leading actress? Shattered ... unless we get some more Peeta & Katiness action going on {not the part where they kill other humans, rather it is blatantly obvious that she is taller than he}.

I am roughly the same height as these ones.

However, these dudes are taller!

Two words to describe Tom Welling: hubba, hubba! 

Vince Vaughan on the other hand, I can only imagine him as the keeler in Domestic Disturbance {which, ironically, John Travolta was also in}.

This is where 5'11" gets you in Hollywood, which is no where, in case you were also wondering.


P.S. It is tax day and I paid my taxes months ago. I am going to go add that to my 101 Most Shocking Moments list of 2014 right now. 


Party Poopers

I probably have a variation of the word "poop" on my blog entirely too frequently.

But that is beside the point.

The point is this. I pulled up into my parking spot at work yesterday {no, we don't have assigned spots, but that is the perk of being the first employee there}. And I saw this.

Now, most of you are probably thinking, "Yeah, a dumpy, misplaced shopping cart?"

Oh, how little ye know.

I saw a ride like unto the amasing Teacups at Disneyland! Because I knew shopping carts do so much more than carry groceries. 

They can carry Mindy!

I asked my co-workers {via Instagram and FB} if any of them wanted to create this? And do you know what they ALL said? I mean, re-look at the title of this post.

All of those party poopers said NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Although, one co-worker offered his mother {who is also my co-worker} as tribute. And I accepted. 

Yet. I still haven't gotten into said shopping cart.


Do I have any takers in the great big void of the world wide web out there? Lemme know. 


Hello, world. Goodbye dentist.

I feel like I have been away for awhile. A post here. A post there.

A lot has been going on lately. My most difficult class of grad school yet, autoimmune failure and being forced to find a new place to live in 2.5 weeks aren't even all of it. I guess I am just trying to decide what I am willing to share with, ya know, the world.  And because I hadn't {and still haven't} decided, I feel a tad withdrawn and quiet.

But today! Today I have something that there is no question if it is shareable or not.

Guys, I had my biannual anxiety attack dentist appointment. 

P.S. Cute shoes do not make you hate the dentist less. 

While waiting for a stranger's hands to play inside my mouth with metal contraptions, I had several thoughts.

+ Why can't we drop our teeth off at the dentist like we drop our clothes off at the dry cleaners?

+ The only good thing about going to the dentist is leaving the dentist

+ I was almost going to say the free pink toothbrush I got when I left {and I didn't even request pink!} was a perk, but then I realized I would rather spend three dollah and buy my own toothbrush that have a stranger play in my mouths with metal contraptions. 

What can I say? I am an antidentite

And it must be said, I text my friend Dennis the dentist each time I go to the dentist and tell him how much I want to die. Yeah, he has that to look forward to for the REST.OF.HIS.LIFE.

And to top it off, after I went to the dentist, I went to the post office. 

Whoa. Too much crazy for one day. 

The only way my post-work afternoon could have been worse is if I went to the bank. Because I hate going to the bank. 

But enough about how much I hate the dentist. Feel free to tell me how much you hate going to the dentist. But really, proceed to the comments section and tell me. 


I hate the going to the dentist. Have I expressed that enough today? If not, go here and here



"People are always telling you that change is a good thing. But all they're really saying is that something you didn't want to happen at all... has happened. " - You've Got Mail

I have never really been one for change. 

But change doesn't care if you are for it or not. It just does what it wants, when it wants.

Like when you are on vacation {like I currently am} or already overwhelmed with grad school while on vacation {which I currently am}. 

I need to find a new place to live. ASAP.

This is a plea to anyone in the Logan area who knows someone who needs a roommate or a one-bedroom residence available in May{ish}. 

Thanks in advance. :) I am confident y'all will take care of me. :)
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