Smiles mean more than they used to ...

Before Shtev passed away, he planned a surprise trip for his boys to Disneyland.

Originally, it was just for Steve and their immediate family of four. However, after his passing, we knew Tiffany would not be able to do it alone, so with the exceptional assistance from JetBlue, I was able to transfer Steve's airline ticket into my name and the rest of the family purchased tickets on the same flight.

Ironically enough, Steve had reserved two hotel rooms at the hotel instead of just one, which ended up fitting us all perfectly.

Ironically enough, for the trip he purchased new luggage for Tiffany and the boys ... but not himself.

I had an absolute marvelous time with my family and being able to still be the recipient of Steve's thoughtfulness and tender heart.

Tiffany was able to celebrate their wedding anniversary in the same place they had spent their honeymoon 17 years ago. 

These photos are so special to me, because smiles mean more than they used to.


P.S. I fought with the formatting for far too long. Just pretend all the photos are aligned and centered. :)

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Amy Fashion Blog said...

So glad had a great time. Its good to see you smile.

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