"Good luck. :) I love you."

About a week after Steve went to Heaven, we were looking through his personal belongings and found a single sheet of paper he had typed for Tiffany.

The heading was, "If/when I die ..."

It then proceeded to give all of his wishes in the event of his death. Which funeral home to go to, where he would like his body to be buried, the casket he liked, where the services should be held, who would sing at the funeral, who would speak, even down to who would give the prayers.

And you know what?

Tiffany pretty much picked every single detail perfectly to his wishes without having that paper. 

There were two things that touched me particularly about that paper. 

The first was that he had wanted me to give his eulogy, which I was able to do. That, along with writing his obituary, were the two most privileged and honored things I have been able to do in this life. 

The second was what he wrote to his wife at the end of the sheet. 

"Good luck. :)  I love you."


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