Dear 2014 ...

Guys, this is going to be real. 

It has been the darkest year I have ever known.

In February I became ill, leading up to my hospitalization and eventual diagnosis of autoimmune failure in March. From February 28 to September 1, I had pain every single day except for one {word to May 10th!}. Since then, I don't think it has been every day, but maybe I am so used to it now that I just don't realize it.

Amongst my toughest semester in grad school ever and autoimmune failure, I had two weeks to find a new roommate and a new place to live ... and then in those conditions, actually move for the fourth time in eight months.

In May my last living grandparent passed away.

In August, I lost my dream job of six-and-a-half years. While was able to pick up three part-time jobs, it still resulted in less time than my one full-time position and I was technically "unemployed" for three months. 

In September, two of my clients passed away. A dear friend committed suicide. And ... we unexpectedly lost our Steven. 

In October, we buried him.

In November, our family would experience additional heartache and grief that will not be detailed and that has carried over in December and I am not entirely sure how it is going to turn out.

But ... God is good.  He has sustained me and all of us through this year. And I know He will continue to sustain us all. And for that, I am eternally grateful. It is in Him that I have hope that we can keep on keeping on and find joys in the days that 2015 will bring, even though we have lost so much.


The Hairapist said...

Mindy, I have been following your blog for years now. I have admired your upbeat spirit and light hearted posts...and through the last year, I've admired the raw truth of your heartache. You have faced a tremendous amount of stress. But, your faith has sustained through every trial. 2014 is coming to an end (man am I relieved) and I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for being you and sharing you with all of us. Keep the faith. 💗

steve and jessica said...

I am so sorry Mindy. We are praying for you and your family.

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