USU Football + Steve

Friday, October 3, 2014 was the day Steve was supposed to come home from the hospital. 

In a tragic, ironic twist, it ended up being the day we buried him.

Prior to his passing, our entire family was looking forward to that day for him returning home and because it was the day our Utah State Aggies would be playing BYU in football. We had all planned on watching it together that night when Steve came home.

Even though we said our final goodbyes to Steve that day instead of welcoming him home, and while the football game became quite minuscule compared to the earlier events of the day, we chose to still watch that game together.

 Honestly, we didn't have high hopes for our football team. BYU was ranked and we had just lost our all-star quarterback {the ever-so attractive Chuckie Keeton}. Even as the game began, BYU quickly scored and if I am being honest, I thought it was going to be reflection of how the entire game would go.

However, our Aggies sure proved me wrong! Even though USU football had not won in Provo, Utah since 1978 {read as when Steve was two-years-old!!}, we came out of that game with a win!

While I don't think God cares about football {and I really don't!}, I couldn't help but think it was somehow still a tender mercy for a grieving family to find a little bit of joy on such a difficult day.

Two days following the game, something amazing was brought to our attention.

Steve's friend, Mike Bair, is the equipment manager for USU athletics {he is the one who provided us with the AWESOME tour of the USU athletic facilities last summer}. He knew how big of a fan Steve was of USU football and prior to the game, he asked the USU head football coach, Matt Wells, if he could put Steve's initials on the game balls.

Coach Wells agreed. Each team brings six game balls to use throughout the game and on each and every game ball that USU brought to Provo, SPM, Steve's intials, were written. 

After the epic win, Mike Bair then asked Coach Wells if he could keep one of the game balls ... to give to Steve's sons. Coach Wells, yet again, agreed.

Steve's sons now own the game ball from the monumental win of Utah State against a ranked Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

And, not sure how my sister feels about this, but that football has found a permanent home in her living room! Ha!

Thank you for the love, Mike Bair, Matt Wells and Utah State University! We will always remember the game against BYU that Steve played a role in winning. :) 

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