Thank you for the new memories ...

The first viewing for Shtev was Thursday night.

Oh, we were both so young! 
It's a strange thing to do, ya know?

I know I appreciate the opportunity to attend viewings to sort of say goodbye to a friend or loved one lost. 

I want to say it's different when you're on the other end of a viewing, you know, the end that has lost the loved one, but that isn't even true. I was present at the viewings of all four of my grandparents and this was nothing like that.

Even now I am only realizing it's because it is incomparably different when it is the viewing of your loved one who is someone who has gone too soon. 

So heartbroken, yet the expectation to see people, to smile, to have conversations with people. Yet, some of those conversations were so touching. I think our family intimately knew the way Steve touched the lives of others, but to hear one experience after another, after another ...  it was comforting to see the profound beauty he brought into the lives of others and into this world. In a way, we were given new memories of Steve after he was gone, and my gratitude for that knows no bounds.

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