Sobering Snowfall

Last week, the first snowfall graced Logan, Utah with its presence. 

In all its annual and classic majestic beauty, it was an unexpected sobering experience.

After losing Steve, our lives and the lives around us kept moving forward. We went back to work, went back to school, days have come and gone, even a new month has been embraced. 

But that first snowfall ... I suppose it flooded over me as the first physical, natural indicator that this world is going on without Steve here, at least not physically. And... that aches, for that is a world I never wanted to live in or even imagined living in

But that has become our reality ... a reality that was manifested by that first snowfall, a reality that will likely manifest itself in a myriad of avenues as our lives sojourn without him physically by our side.

1 comment:

Missy W. said...

I felt the same way when I watched the very last leaves fall from our maple trees in the backyard. The day my brother died, the leaves were a beautiful fiery red color. I hated to see the last one fall. It just felt so final. :(

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