Every little detail ...

After we came home from the cemetery, it was a blur for the next two days until the viewing on Thursday evening.

Everything had to be planned and it had to be planned fast.

But the most important thing was for it to be perfect ... all of it.

I wanted the obituary to be perfect. I wanted to give the world a small glimpse of the greatest man I have ever known.

We wanted the accompanying photo to truly show Steve ... his cuteness, his smile, just Steve.

There were photos to be chosen for the video the mortuary was going to put together. Just 50 photographs to highlight the remarkable life of a selfless husband, father, brother, son and friend.

And the program, the program that Tiffany could not choose at the mortuary because none of them were right, but then came up with the most beautiful program I've ever seen.

We also put together a table for those coming to say goodbye to our Steven to see that small glimpse of his goodness and life.

And while logic tells me that in the grand scheme of things, these details might not be "important" ... but when these are the final things you do for your loved one, every decision becomes important. And we just wanted to honor our Shtev in everything we did. 


Andrea said...

You are probably right they may not be "important" in the grand scheme of things. . . however, I'd like to think that they are appreciated by both those here and eventually by the one they are done for. Your sister is lucky to have you Mindy.

M said...

I'm so sorry about Steven but I'm glad his memorial was perfect <3

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