Big Blue + Steve

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you will know that Utah State played a huge role in celebrating the life of Steve after his passing. I am finally getting around to explaining all of that for those who were curious. 

Steve not only was a graduate of USU, but he worked there for 14 years in the IT System Administration Department {that's a bunch of technical jargon to say he did computer stuff}. :) Additionally, he was huge Aggie athletics fan {like myself and the rest of our family}.

Utah State Loves Steve first began when the University Inn on campus provided rooms free of charge to anyone coming into town to celebrate Steve's life at the viewing or funeral. This was due to Steve's employment there.

It continued at the viewing as Big Blue, the university's mascot made an appearance!

This was just a kind gesture from Big Blue and the USU Spirit Squad, as Big Blue is someone our family has built a fun relationship with over the past couple of years. For Big Blue to make public appearances, he has to get permission. So we are grateful that he wanted to come and we are grateful he was granted permission to come as well.

I am pretty sure Big Blue was hesitant to show up at an event that could be so somber, but it was perfect. I am sure Steve was just laughing. And it definitely brightened up the evening of Steve's boys and his nieces and nephews that were in attendance. I couldn't help but laugh myself! Thank you, Big Blue!!!

However, the love from USU would not end there, not even close ...

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