Disneyland Mythbusters

This is a post I wrote over a month ago to go with one that is being posted on another blog. I know Shtev would want me to begin posting my normal, happy things, but I am just not ready to yet. But, hopefully more will follow sometime down the road soon. I actually pre-dated this so it did not show up in between my thoughts on Steve. 

Hello, everyone! Today I am over at A Little Too Jolley, visiting Brooklyn and debunking or confirming some myths floating around the internet regarding Disneyland!! 

This post is a continuation of what you will find by visiting her today! Jump, skip and frolic on over to her neck of the woods to find out more mythbusters about the happiest place on earth {and the first part of this blog post}.

5. Mark Twain's Riverboat: You can ask a cast member to pilot the boat

Fact. If you ask a cast member very nicely, they will let you captain the ship! If someone has already asked to do it, you may have to wait until the next go-around. You even get a certificate saying you piloted the riverboat! 

6. Indiana Jones: There is entertainment set up for the wait in line

True. If there is a long line at Indiana Jones, no fear, they have provided a couple of fun little entertainers along the way!  First, find the curved bamboo post (it will be on your left and it will say "Do not touch the pole").

You will be able to move it in a circular motion. Do so really fast and see what happens!

Next, as you keep walking, you will come to this rope that commands you not to pull it ... DO!

In addition, throughout the ride you will find writings on the walls in "Mara". You can ask a cast member for a decoder so you can decode all the messages while waiting in line!

7.  Snow White's Scary Adventure : Secret Fun Here Too

True. See that golden apple? Rub it and see what happens!

8. Hidden Mickey's Throughout the Park

True. Throughout the entire park there are inserted subtly into the design of rides, attractions and other locations throughout the park.  I personally try to find it on every ride and they can sometimes be quite tricky! When I go with friends, we actually would make it a competition to see who could find the most on the rides.

Here are some more obvious ones just throughout the park.

Spoiler alert! Here is one of my favorites, from Thunder Mountain!

9. Disneyland has lots of cats!

There is a rumor that Disneyland (specifically California Adventure) was infested by mice! Eek! And to eliminate this problem, Disneyland brought in a lot cats to get rid of them. This is true! And also can easily be turned into a game, to see who can see a cat first or to see who can see the most cats! P.S. They usually come out at night, but (spoiler alert!) look carefully while on Grizzly Rapids in California Adventure to see what you can find!

Now head on over to visit Brooklyn to find out some more and let me know if I missed anything! :)


Health, Love & Fire said...

You're totally making me want to go back to disney to be able to try all this stuff out! Thanks for the tips!!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

never knew about the hidden mickey. I have heard about the cats. Try to have a great weeekend.

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