A harsh autumn ...

Autumn was always a favorite of mine.

It seemed to have a mischievous charm to it that alluded winter, spring and summer. 

Logan Cemetery, the ground my heart knows as most hallowed.

But that all changed 18 days ago. It feels that autumn, with all its magic and charisma betrayed me, as if it was autumn that took away our Steven. 

Yet, I still gaze in awe at this harsh autumn as the leaves are separated from the life they once knew and clung to so desperately, only to rustle in the wind, twirl in the air, falling to their eventual resting place on the ground and ... still recognize its beauty.

It is as if autumn is reflecting my soul to the entire world to see. The beauty of life being lost right through our fingertips, the brisk chill that fills my broken heart and soul, leaving so much barren and empty ... with darker, colder days looming known as winter.

And even with all that loss of life, still a beauty because of that life. And the knowledge that the life will return in springtime. If only our wait for seeing our Steven was as minuscule. So, with heavy hearts, we will wait because we will see that life again in the springtime of our lives.


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Allison and Josh said...

You are such a gifted writer. I'm so sorry your family has to go through this. Sending love and prayers your way!

Madi White said...

you are seriously an amazing writer! your family is in my prayers!

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