Where were you?

It appears as if each generation has a "Where were you?" event. 

For my grandparents, it was Pearl Harbor.

For my parents, it was the assassination of JFK.

For me {and for us} it is 9/11. 

That fateful morning 13 years ago, I had gotten up to go on a morning run before the seven o'clock hour. I remember we ran a run we called Second Bridge. I remember  we were told to go an easy pace, eight-minute miles. I remember my coach joking how I was a human speedometer because he could tell me what pace he wanted us to run and like clockwork, I would be able to find it. 

As I got into the car to head home after that morning run, I heard on the radio an alert, unlike any I had heard before. I learned that a single airplane had crashed into a building in New York City called the World Trade Center. 

Before the seven minute car ride home was complete, information was being given about the tragedy being a terrorist attack. By the time I had reached home and turned on the TV, the second plane had already hit. 

It was a day I will never forget ... not just for the lives lost, but for the unity it brought to America. We.were.one.that.day.  United we did stand. 

Where were you when you heard? 

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Bekah Walsh said...

in high school, in choir class. An announcement was made over the PA regarding the events...though I didn't realize it was an attack just yet.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I was in Science class.

Allison said...

At home, prepping for a job interview.

Alex Bumptobaby said...

I was at school :(


Kelly Mock said...

love the 90s pic! so funny!

Lucy McCracken said...

Great pics. Pinterest is so fun Waldo!
Great blog I will be following it :)
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