The Five Dollah T-Shirt

I attended a team manger meeting for our company softball team back in May. The meeting was rather dull overall. However, there was one epic moment. 

The directors of the league were reminding everyone to have good sportsmanship. They used a non-example from a previous season, where a player apparently decked another player and the police were called and it was a hot mess. They then said, "And what is this all for? A five dollah t-shirt! Because that is all the winner of the entire league gets!"

Work BFF, who was also in attendance, and I just laughed and laugh {out loud, mind you}. Because that player who decked someone, with the police called and that hot mess? Yeah, he was ours. 

But that is beside the point.

The point is this ... that coveted five dollah t-shirt.

Yeah, it's ours. 

NBD, right?

Actually, it is a big deal. Because that season when our player who decked a guy, where the police were called and it was a hot mess, we only won one game that season.

And merely two seasons later?


Given, it was two sizes too large for me and three sizes too big for most of our other female players.


We got the five-dollah t-shirt and that's all that matters! P.S. Yes, even brother-in-law Shtev got the five dollah t-shirt. I am sure the rest of our family is uber jealous.

Until next season, softball. Until next season ...


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Hahaha congratulations on that five dollar win!

Amy Fashion Blog said...


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