The dangers of softball ...

Every summer, for reasons unbeknownst to myself, I organize a company softball team.

This year? I organized two.

I die. But that is beside the point.

It's a lot of work ... mostly dealing with people who want to play specific positions. This is why being a cross country/track coach would be thee best because there is no discussion. Fastest runners get to run in the elite races and that's that.

But that is beside the point.

The point is this. We played two games Tuesday evening. In a torrential downpour and lightening.  The ironic thing? One of the games was a makeup game for when it was "rained out" earlier on in the season. I use quotation marks because on that day, there was no rain. But it got canceled due to rain. And we made up the fake "rained out" game in a torrential downpour and lightening! LIGHTENING, PEOPLE. DANGER.

In between our two dangerous games, we hid in the dugout for protection.

Metal roof + lightening = protection ... Right?

Oddly enough, you cannot tell from the photo that it is a torrential downpour ... BUT IT IS. Err ... WAS.


The regular season is finally over. It's now tournament time. And do you know what we get if we win the entire tournament? A five-dollah t-shirt. Totally worth all of it, right? Ha!

Have you ever played company sport? How has that gone for ya? Even better, have you ever won a five-dollah t-shirt? And what are the chances I can have it? 

P.S. Return tomorrow to hear more dangers of softball!

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Amy Fashion Blog said...

that suck you had to play in the rain. Have a great weekend.

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