Master of ALL the things

I should be doing grad school homework.

I graduate in six days and have a paper and a half to finish, plus some very menial tasks. 

You are then free to call me Master Mindy.

I joked about that with someone the other day and they said, "Oh, please! Don't become that person!" Uhhh ... do you know anyone with a graduate degree that actually makes you call them master?

I am never getting my Ph.D., but if I did, I would make you call me doctor. Because anyone who is insane enough to get a Ph.D. deserves to be called doctor. 

Come to think of it, I cannot recall who begged me not to make them call me Master Mindy. 

Don't they know that it is an alliteration and that makes it fun?

Do you know what else I am a master of? 

The Lucky Charms.

I showed those darn mateys who was boss.

P.S. After Tuesday, I cannot imagine ever needing to blog about grad school again.

What on this green earth are you going to do with your lives without me complaining about grad school?

Somehow, we will all have to manage to survive the universe careening out of control.

Careening is a great word. You should look it up if you don't know what it means.

Meanwhile, I am going to continue avoiding doing any more homework tonight {if you can call turning in assignments I completed on other days as homework} and go eat me some Lucky Charms without those darn mateys!! 


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Good luck on everything and congrats

Kari Maddox said...


Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight said...

Master Mindy!! What are you a master in??

Lizzie Justice said...

Great job Master Mindy! That is so exciting you are graduating! PS. Lucky Charms are delicious

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