Jamming your finger ... and then your entire body.

At company softball Tuesday night I jammed my finger {and bent my thumb nail backwards - hello, blood!}. I could immediately feel it begin to swell and be limited in movement. 

Later that night, after a pity dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings for losing two games in one night, I came home and tried to get into my pajamas. It was uber hard because that darn finger did not want to participate in the disrobing of softball clothes to prepare for ... PAJAMAS.

In that moment I had a realization ... the way my jammed finger felt was exactly how my entire body felt back in March. Until that moment, I never knew how to explain the extreme pain I felt ... but now I do!

Have you ever jammed your finger and then bent it backwards while swollen and discolored?

THAT, my friends, is how every move felt with my body. And, eventually, how every spot that touched anything while sitting or laying down felt too. 

Autoimmune failure = jamming your entire body. 

Thank you, company softball for assisting me in being able to describe autoimmune failure to the world!

I would try to be a good blogger and insert a photograph ... but based on toady's content you would get a photo of my jammed finger and that ugly. Although, let's not kid ourselves, that hasn't stopped me before. If you search this blog for "finger" you will see exactly what I mean. And searching for finger will produce you with far more pleasing outcomes than if you search "ankle + horror". Any of you that do, I wish you luck. ;)

Happy weekend, people! 


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Hope your finger feel better soon.

Brooklyn Jolley said...

Thanks for sparing me the nasty finger pic ;)

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