Danger in the ghetto!

Heeeeey, ohhhhhh.

Fact: I finish my last grad school paper on SATURDAY.

Classes aren't finished until Tuesday, so in keep you entertaining during a time that I thought I was going to be busy, I invited the wonderful Lauren to come entertain you.

While I am FINISHED with grad school, she is still here to entertain you. Enjoy! :)


Hi everyone!  I'm Lauren from Lot 48 and I am so excited to be guest posting on Mindy's blog today!  Today I am going to tell you an embarrassing/terrifying story that happened to me while I was interning at a production company in LA.

You have all seen The Devil Wear Prada, right?  Well, all the errands Anne Hathaway runs in the movie wouldn't actually be run by an assistant, they would be run by an intern, so that is what I did.  I ran a lot  of errands.  One particular errand that I did frequently was to walk one block over to Target to withdraw money from a producer's account.  There was the option to see the account balance on the ATM, and man was I tempted, but I never did. 

But every time I was asked to do this, I would be given the pin number along with the debit card.  I was usually asked to withdraw a few thousand dollars at a time.  So imagine me walking around Culver City (the.....not best/safest part of LA) with thousands of dollars of cash on me.

Not only did I intern for this production company, but I also interned for another production company three days a week.  The day after I had done my errand of running to Target to withdraw funds, I was at my other internship when I got a call from that producer's assistant (let's call him JP to make things simpler.  Oh wait.  That is his name.  He produced Leap Year, Butterly Effect, The Hangover movies and other things).  Anyway, I knew something was up when JP's assistant called me on a day when I wasn't working there.  What happened next caused my heart to drop all the way to the floor.

Click here to read the rest of the story on the blog!

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