The List

During my last semester of my undergrad {P.S. That's the reason alone to go to grad school, so you can refer to college as your "undergrad"}, I went to a religious lecture.

In said lecture, we were informed that if we wrote our goals down, the goals were *upteen billion times more likely to happen {I cannot remember the exact statistic, but it was so compelling that I decided to give it a try}.

I decided to write the four most important things in my life down {or the four most important things I wanted to happen in my life}.

1. Be hired be CES to become a seminary teacher

2. Graduate with my bachelors that May

3. Marry an extremely attractive man

4. Have my roommate's beta fish die {sorry, Toni ... I thought he was a tad ugly!}

Fast forward to the end of the semester. Guess how many things on that list came to fruition?

75%!!! Right down to graduating, being hired by CES and the roommate's fish dying {clearly the getting married thing is a lost cause!}.

Fast forward again to last night ... I was repeating this story to the infamous Cory. 

And guess what happened to my roommate's fish this morning!?

I even reference that list and fish die!!!

Yet, somehow, it still does nothing for me being married.

Anyway ... my point? I rarely have a point. 

Except that I am a fish killer. Because of a list I wrote during my undergrad. 

If you have a fish you'd like to be kept alive, t'is best if I know nothing of it. As my mere thoughts of a list can kill it.

That's all. 


Meg said...

The Sisters song is from White Christmas. I bet you can find it on youtube.

Hannah Thiesfeldt said...

My beta fish has been alive for almost 3 years now. I would be so very very sad if he died!

But this fish is the miracle fish...as my first two betas both died within 6 days of buying them...OF THE SAME DISEASE.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

your too funny. I have killed a few fish in my life time. That why I'm not allowed to have a another pet fish. My MIL thought she would be cute on year and got me a toy fish tank. That why I couldn't kill the fish inside of it.

Allison and Josh said...

haha you kill me! I just love your posts. And lately some things you have mentioned have got me curious....;)

After Eleven Blog said...

haha. this cracks me up! basically, you're a fish killer. Anyways, I just found your blog from over on Lauren's sidebar (Lot 48) and I was just out and about browsing new blog friends to meet and decided your blog looked cool. So glad I found it :) Excited to follow along on GFC and bloglovin!

emilyacarver said...

lol! My oldest was given 4 gold fish for his 5th birthday. One died within a few days and the others lasted until just a few months shy of his 8th birthday in June. I, too, am a fish killer because I prayed that they would pretty much everyday after they survived the first year!

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