Cream cheese brownies and other absolutes in life ...

The sky is blue.

Grass is green {unless it is dead, obvi}.

The sun will rise.

And set.

You are born.

You die.

I am obsessed with cream cheese brownies.

I think all of these things are just known absolutes in life.

I mean, with how often I talk about cream cheese brownies {in real life and social media}, I should be a paid sponsor. Seriously, if you follow me on Facebook, I think you get the full extent of my obsession.

But today? Today we are going to change things up a bit. You already know what I love ... but what about the foods I hate?

Here they are.

1. Fish & Other Sea Creatures

My firm belief in life is that things from the sea, should remain in the sea. No.exceptions. I am pretty sure I am one of the few who has eaten lunch at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and did not order anything sea-like. 

Off topic snippet | What I did choose to eat was about the same size as my head
2. Tomatoes 

I was actually about to type Sushi as number two ... that's how badly I loathe things from the sea! But enough about that, we are talking about tomatoes! I hate them! Which is weird, because I love spaghetti, pizza and can even eat tomato soup. Weird, I know.

3. Cheeseburgers 

Hamburgers? Absolutely. Put a slice of cheese on it and count me O-U-T! I really love hamburgers. I really love cheese. But it is a deadly combination in my world. 

4. Peas

Don't even get me started. And don't try to the pull, "Weeeeellllllllll, have you had fresh ones from the garden?" Yes. I have. And guess what? I hate them. I will pick peas out of absolutely everything I find them in. 

5. Taco Trucks & Other Food Establishments Without Sinks

Lately my dad and nephews have been on a taco truck kick. Hardly a meal goes by where we are together and don't talk about the gag-inducing food trucks that are taking over parking lots in the hoards in Logan, Utah. I am sorry {but not sorry at all}, but if you serve food out of a mobile establishment that has no guarantees of a location to wash your hands - COUNT ME OUT!!! I think I need to add a few more exclamation points to get my point across, so I will inset them here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I ate at a mobile establishment once ... and it was in New York City, which, obvi, you have to do regardless of potential sanitation concerns. Buuuut, never again!

So, what about you? Which foods can't you stand?


If you would like to link up today with Five Confessions - The Foods You Hate version, click below! {I may have taken creative liberties with the exact name of today's linkup.} ;)


Jacquelyn @justjacq said...

Lol thanks for linking up and stealing my topic! I love tomatoes and I crave cheeseburgers and tacos so I don't think we can be friends ;-)

Amy Fashion Blog said...

your sandwich looks amazing

Kimberly said...

I need to be friends with people like you so you can quietly slip me your cheeseburgers and sushi to avoid awkward dining situations :)

Danielle said...

Too funny that you hate sea life so much! I'm a fan of some seafood but not all... And sushi. Never had it. But I HATE it. I just know. Haha... Have a great Wednesday!


Carrie said...

Thanks for linking up with us... I LOVE tomatoes and I used to hate cheese on my cheeseburger... now, I just prefer GOOD cheese on my hamburger (as in real cheese, not american/fake stuff). I love food trucks, but yikes... I didn't even consider them not having a sink... ugh, now you have ruined it for me!!

Aubrey said...

i mostly feel the same about food in the sea, but there are a few i tolerate. i also don't like cheeseburgers but love hamburgers and turkey burgers are even better. food trucks scare me too, but for some reason all the popularity of them is making them less scary to me. i will eat it, but i don't like pizza especially hot pizza. the melted cheese gags me. thanks for linking up.

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