The List

During my last semester of my undergrad {P.S. That's the reason alone to go to grad school, so you can refer to college as your "undergrad"}, I went to a religious lecture.

In said lecture, we were informed that if we wrote our goals down, the goals were *upteen billion times more likely to happen {I cannot remember the exact statistic, but it was so compelling that I decided to give it a try}.

I decided to write the four most important things in my life down {or the four most important things I wanted to happen in my life}.

1. Be hired be CES to become a seminary teacher

2. Graduate with my bachelors that May

3. Marry an extremely attractive man

4. Have my roommate's beta fish die {sorry, Toni ... I thought he was a tad ugly!}

Fast forward to the end of the semester. Guess how many things on that list came to fruition?

75%!!! Right down to graduating, being hired by CES and the roommate's fish dying {clearly the getting married thing is a lost cause!}.

Fast forward again to last night ... I was repeating this story to the infamous Cory. 

And guess what happened to my roommate's fish this morning!?

I even reference that list and fish die!!!

Yet, somehow, it still does nothing for me being married.

Anyway ... my point? I rarely have a point. 

Except that I am a fish killer. Because of a list I wrote during my undergrad. 

If you have a fish you'd like to be kept alive, t'is best if I know nothing of it. As my mere thoughts of a list can kill it.

That's all. 



Today I woke up to this amazing view.

I talked Cory into going camping for one night. He was uber tired and could have done a million other things, but I am so grateful we were able to get away.

It was so simplistic. And so perfect.

It has made it so I don't even mind that I am doing next week's homework today - on a Saturday! 

Hope your weekend is as refreshing as mine! 


Swamped + Giveaway



Swamped with work.

Swamped with my final four weeks of grad school.

Swamped with ALL the things.

Speaking of things, because I have been AWOL, how about an adorbs giveaway?

- This giveaway is open to the US and Canada and ends on 7/26
- Must be 18+ to enter
- One entry per household
- Giveaway is sponsored by StickerYou and hosted by Momsicals
- This giveaway is subject to the rules that govern all Momsicals hosted giveaways.


Fourth O' July

Fact: The most festive thing I did for the Fourth of July weekend was wear this outfit.

Fact: And I wore this two days after the fourth. 

I am not quite sure why I was such a loser this year. Maybe it was because my family was out of town partying it up {and I didn't go with them ... why??}. 

Okay, I did watch the fireworks show in Logan {which happens on the third ... weird, right?}. Buuut, I am not sure that counts as celebrating considering we watched them from a Church parking lot and right as the fireworks show began, the fire alarm in the Church went off. 

Think loud alarm.

Think flashing lights.

Think firemen and fire trucks. 

I seriously didn't even take a picture of a flag or a firework. Am I even American?

I figured since I had such an eventless holiday {and let it be known, it really is one of my favorites}, I would provide a link up for all of you to share what YOU did for the Fourth! Link up below! Feel free the to grab the button and put it on your post! 

Can't wait to see what everyone did! If you leave a link, I will personally visit your blog and leave a comment. Next week I will share some of my favorites! 

Celebrating the Fourth


Cream cheese brownies and other absolutes in life ...

The sky is blue.

Grass is green {unless it is dead, obvi}.

The sun will rise.

And set.

You are born.

You die.

I am obsessed with cream cheese brownies.

I think all of these things are just known absolutes in life.

I mean, with how often I talk about cream cheese brownies {in real life and social media}, I should be a paid sponsor. Seriously, if you follow me on Facebook, I think you get the full extent of my obsession.

But today? Today we are going to change things up a bit. You already know what I love ... but what about the foods I hate?

Here they are.

1. Fish & Other Sea Creatures

My firm belief in life is that things from the sea, should remain in the sea. No.exceptions. I am pretty sure I am one of the few who has eaten lunch at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and did not order anything sea-like. 

Off topic snippet | What I did choose to eat was about the same size as my head
2. Tomatoes 

I was actually about to type Sushi as number two ... that's how badly I loathe things from the sea! But enough about that, we are talking about tomatoes! I hate them! Which is weird, because I love spaghetti, pizza and can even eat tomato soup. Weird, I know.

3. Cheeseburgers 

Hamburgers? Absolutely. Put a slice of cheese on it and count me O-U-T! I really love hamburgers. I really love cheese. But it is a deadly combination in my world. 

4. Peas

Don't even get me started. And don't try to the pull, "Weeeeellllllllll, have you had fresh ones from the garden?" Yes. I have. And guess what? I hate them. I will pick peas out of absolutely everything I find them in. 

5. Taco Trucks & Other Food Establishments Without Sinks

Lately my dad and nephews have been on a taco truck kick. Hardly a meal goes by where we are together and don't talk about the gag-inducing food trucks that are taking over parking lots in the hoards in Logan, Utah. I am sorry {but not sorry at all}, but if you serve food out of a mobile establishment that has no guarantees of a location to wash your hands - COUNT ME OUT!!! I think I need to add a few more exclamation points to get my point across, so I will inset them here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I ate at a mobile establishment once ... and it was in New York City, which, obvi, you have to do regardless of potential sanitation concerns. Buuuut, never again!

So, what about you? Which foods can't you stand?


If you would like to link up today with Five Confessions - The Foods You Hate version, click below! {I may have taken creative liberties with the exact name of today's linkup.} ;)

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