Falling Pantyhose ... pantyhoses?

I had the most blessed Saturday.

It's been a long time since I have had a Saturday like that. Autoimmune failure kind of takes the blessed out of most days.

Buuuuut, whatevs. Saturday was a blessed day.

It was a beautiful day and I spent the time outside of this beautiful building.

But that isn't even the best part!

I was able to spend an hour with the most beautiful little baby girl while her parents attended a wedding inside.  She was a gem the entire time! 

Not gonna lie, I was a little worried I might kill her. Or get her sunburned. Or make it so she got too warm. Or she would be too chilled by the cool breeze. Or that I was squishing her scrumptious legs. 

But, not only did she survive that hour with me ... to my knowledge, she is still alive a day later!

Also not gonna lie, as I was driving to the temple, I started to worry I had worn the wrong clothes. I thought, "I shouldn't have worn a maxi skirt! What if I trip while holding her?" 

Moms, how do you do it? How do you not worry about every decision you make!?  I mean, I can keep adults who hit, kick, bite {and do a plethora of other things} alive ... but infants? Toddlers? I don't know!

But I digress.

Besides the perfect weather, the perfectly gorgeous and perfectly behaved five-week old babe, there was a perfect senior citizen!

I first noticed the perfect senior citizen as she was walking around the temple with a wedding party. She stood out to me because she clearly was in a war with her pantyhose ... as in, she kept lifting up her skirt and hiking those darn pantyhose up!

At one point she sat down to me and said, "I bought some thigh-high pantyhose and I just cannot get them to stay up!" 

While continuing to fidget with them while sitting she said, "My son told me, 'Mom! You can't just keep lifting your skirt up like that!' But what he doesn't know is, I cannot let them fall to my ankles either!!"

And suddenly, I knew my maxi skirt was a great choice because it didn't involve pantyhose. And then there was a glimmer of hope that I could keep other children alive for longer than an hour, all because I clearly was waaaay better off than the pantyhose senior citizen, which this knowledge was the perfect addition to my already perfect day. 


I borrowed the most adorable baby from my friend Jan. She is currently in the process of blogging about her babe's birth story, which means photos should be coming soon! And this baby, you will want to see! 


Amy Fashion Blog said...

cute story. It the worst when pantyhose or tight start to fall down.

Meg said...

As a first time mom I worried a lot about keeping my children alive and unhurt. I didn't worry quite so much about my decisions the second time around because I was too busy worrying about what my twins would do to the baby. :)

Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight said...

um.... that lady sounds awesome and i want to be best friends with her

Danielle said...

New to your blog, and this made me laugh! Looking forward to more!


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