Over the Memorial Day weekend a co-worker talked me into running the Color Vibe.

The Color Vibe is a little race {and by little I mean massive} ran across the nation where, while running, people throw colored chalk/starch at you. 

I was hesitant to do it for several reasons. One, I had only ran once in 2014. And two, I kinda secretly {okay, not so secretly} hate participating in novelty runs. 

"What is a novelty run?" you ask. It is any run that tricks you into running ... all versions of the Color Vibe, Dirty Dash, Zombie runs, etc. 

"Why do you hate novelty runs?" you ask. Well, because us pure runners have a difficult time when our sport is "tainted". I run just to run ... not to have things thrown at me nor to roll around in mud. Those others things just seem to get in the way of actually running, no? :)

Buuut, I am still uber glad I did the Color Vibe. I mean, look how much pink stuff they gave me!

Given, I had to pay for all that pink stuff ... :) I think that is another thing that gets me too. Most 5k races I run in are under 15 dollah with the shirt. Color Vibe? A  flaming 40 bucks! Zoo-wee-mama!

P.S. Look at that race number. I loathe race numbers. I brought it with me only to rebel against wearing it. Why wear a race number when your place and time are not only unimportant, but totally not being tracked? I shoved that number down my pants {literally, I had no where else to put it unless I wanted to be a litterer, which I did not}. I then found that silly race number in the washer after I washed my pants. It's still in mint condition. Way to be resilient pointless race number!

Another thing that may sway pure runners is ... it's hard to actually run the dang race! There are so many people there and those so many people {not being pure runners} walk the "race". So, pure runners have to constantly be weaving in and out of those walkers. For any pure runner reading this, I tried to yell, "Track!", but it was to no avail. ;)

But I digress.

During the "race" random people can be throwing color at you whenever they want. However, the race sets up a handful of color stations {designated by color}.

Not gonna lie, at one point I had to constrain myself from yelling, "STOP.THROWING.THINGS.AT.ME!" 

I had to remind myself that I intentionally signed up for a race knowing things would be thrown at me, so I best not complain about it ... at least not while at the race. ;)

If nothing else, it sure is a pretty sight to see. :)

But I just might be done with novelty races. ;)

Have any of you ever done a novelty race? What did ya think of it?


Amy Fashion Blog said...

I haven't done a novelty race yet but will be doing a color run next month. I hate when you have to run around people.

Mike and Kris said...

I don't consider myself a pure runner. I have done some half marathons and wonder why the he!@ I decided to do it. I'm doing a women's princess race next month and have loved the 6k dirty dash. I think it's nice to break up the long races. But you couldn't pay me to do the color one and have chalk thrown in my face. That does not sound like fun to me!!

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