It looks like a murder scene in here!!!!

Last week {okay, two weeks ago}, I met the most adorable follower of my blog at DownEast. Her name was Meg {right?} and she just graduated from college and she and her husband are moving to Oregon. I am so glad she came up to talk me. It made my day! She also asked how I had been feeling ...

This shirt depicts autoimmune failure perfectly

I get questions about my health quite frequently, not just from Meg, so I thought I would do a little update.

+ I am tired all the time. But falling asleep for a nap or bedtime still seems impossible.

+ I still have pain every single day, minus one. That's right folks, Saturday, May 10th was a blessed day - NO PAIN!!! But every other day since February and since May 10th? Yup. Pain. Not every minute of every day, but it finds its way in at some point {or multiple points every day}.

+ Bloody noses almost every other day. I am about to get graphic, so read this next sentence at your own volition. I am not talking about a drip, drip bloody nose, I am talking so much blood I start choking. Yum! And they can last up to an hour, folks. AN HOUR. The aftermath looks nothing short of a murder scene to me.

+ Off topic, these bloody noses have given me a new found respect for murderers who try to clean up the crime scene. ;)

+ Weird bruises have started to show up all over my body last week. I think it is just from moving and then leg wrestling with my nephew about 100 times over the weekend, but I am talking all over!

+ I feel like I am getting a cold probably every other week {sinus infection feeling in my nose, sore throat}. It lasts for a few days and then goes away, just to return.

+ I had my last doctor appointment in April. He said if things get worse to come in. Uhm ... they haven't gotten worse. But they don't really seem to be getting better, at least when I am choking on my own blood, that's not what I think. Ha! :)

And I think that about sums it up. So, a word to the wise, avoid autoimmune failure if you can. Unless you like the taste of blood, then by all means, contract away! ;)

P.S. I didn't buy that shirt. I should have. Oh, the regrets of my life! ;) I hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! :)


Amy Fashion Blog said...

I truly hope the dr's can find a way to make you feel better. The nose bleeds don't sound good at all. Sending you a hug

The Enslingers said...

That is a fun shirt. And thank you for the update. I have been wondering how you are! Even if you didn't buy that shirt, I hope you bought that darling Chevron one in the background. Super cute! Where do you you get all your cute clothes anyway?

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