I think I am going to be bad citizen.

Guys, I have reached my breaking point of attempting to a be a good citizen. 

It's just not worth it.  It takes up entirely too much time and effort. 

Here's the thing ... I have a cheap vacuum from Walmart that has been broken for months. Months I say!

Trying to be a good citizen, I research where you take a broken vacuum as not to clutter the landfill FOR-EV-ER. Now, don't get me wrong ... I am not a green type of person. I am not obsessed about recycling ALL the things ALL the time ... or even some of the time.

But the point is, the idea of placing the plastic vacuum in the landfill, knowing it would NEVER disintegrate left me with extreme, inexplicable guilt. So, I began looking around for where you take broken vacuums. And I looked and I looked and I called and I called and ... nothing!

I even called the DI, knowing they wouldn't want a broken item, I thought they could direct me to a better location so they didn't wind up with it. And what did they give me? Nada. That's Spanish for nothing!

I am not sure how much more effort I am willing to put into this. Either leave DI with a broken vacuum {sooo sorry, DI!!!} or throw it in a dumpster to forever and ever take up space in the landfill {sooo sorry Mother Earth!}. Being a good citizen is sooo overrated {soo sorry human race!}. 


I just found this online. It makes me feel semi-better about my life, knowing I am not alone in this cold, dark, non-vacuum-recyclable world!!!

Who can give me a resounding, "YES!!!"? 

P.S. This is not the only reason I want to give up on being a good citizen. No, no ... the other reason is even worse. You can return for that tomorrow. 

Happy Monday people! It just might be the last Monday I am a good citizen. Enjoy it while you can. 


Amy Fashion Blog said...

That crazy you couldn't find some place to recycle your vacuum at. Here in Germany we have recycling center to take are stuff to. The take broken items. Also used item. Which the used items can get reused. People can come in and take whatever items the want for free. Which I can say I have find some good items there for my house.

Meg said...

FYI: if you take it to DI they will just throw it in the crusher and it will end up in the landfill anyway. So you can feel guilty twice -- for donating a broken item AND for it going to the landfill. :)

Meg said...

I don't know what you've tried, but is there a possibility a vacuum repair place would take it for parts? I assume there is probably a repair place or two in Logan so that may be an option. If you haven't tried it already.

The Suzzzz said...

wimmer's on Main street next to West Motor and A&W will repair vacuums. I've had both my work vacuum and my home vacuum fixed there for less than buying a new one and thus saving them from the garbage heap.

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