Goodbye, #OctoberHouse

Guys. I moved. Again.

Third time in eight months. I would strongly advice against such shenanigans. 

It was a forced moved. And I am okay with that. I would also strongly advice against moving with autoimmune failure. :) 

As I left #OctoberHouse for the last time yesterday, I felt a sense of gratitude ... for leaving. 

#OctoberHouse was one of those common experiences in life that wasn't cracked up to all I thought it would be. It was nothing of my expectations or hopes.  Have you ever had an experience like that before?

Don't get me wrong, those experiences can still be good for you, but nothing I want for the future, if that makes sense. 

That house is where I got sick, really sick, possibly permanently sick. It is where I said goodbye to someone I love deeply. It is where other relationships have been possibly permanently damaged. I know the house didn't  cause those things to happen. But there is a lot of pain is remembered in those walls. And, that is where I plan to keep it. Oh, and it didn't have a dishwasher or air conditioning. ;)

On to bigger, better and happier things! :)

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Amy Fashion Blog said...

good luck on settling in to your new place.

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