Final Goodbye

On Monday we said our final goodbyes to my grandpa.

I'm just not sure he could be any more adorable! Does't he remind you of Carl in "Up"?

My mama and one of her sisters at the viewing on Sunday evening.
He had such a beautiful funeral service. Family members told stories about his love of life and family, his inquisitive mind and how mischievous he was.

Grandpa was buried with Military Funeral Honors.

It included guards of honor, the firing of volley shots as a salute, playing of Taps by a lone bugler, folding of the flag and presenting it to the next of kin {which happened to by my grandpa's oldest daughter}. 

To witness such an event is one of the most treasured experiences I've had in this life.

After they presented the flag, we had a family prayer over the grave. And then, in honor of my grandpa and a song he would always sing, we all sang Zippity Do Da before we parted. 

It was a final goodbye for this mortal existence, but just a temporary separation for the eternities ... until we meet again.


To understand more about what Mormons {members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints} believe about life after death, please visit this page.

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Amy Fashion Blog said...

i wish there were words to help you heal during this time.

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