Party Poopers

I probably have a variation of the word "poop" on my blog entirely too frequently.

But that is beside the point.

The point is this. I pulled up into my parking spot at work yesterday {no, we don't have assigned spots, but that is the perk of being the first employee there}. And I saw this.

Now, most of you are probably thinking, "Yeah, a dumpy, misplaced shopping cart?"

Oh, how little ye know.

I saw a ride like unto the amasing Teacups at Disneyland! Because I knew shopping carts do so much more than carry groceries. 

They can carry Mindy!

I asked my co-workers {via Instagram and FB} if any of them wanted to create this? And do you know what they ALL said? I mean, re-look at the title of this post.

All of those party poopers said NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Although, one co-worker offered his mother {who is also my co-worker} as tribute. And I accepted. 

Yet. I still haven't gotten into said shopping cart.


Do I have any takers in the great big void of the world wide web out there? Lemme know. 

1 comment:

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I hate when people are party poopers.

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