Hello, world. Goodbye dentist.

I feel like I have been away for awhile. A post here. A post there.

A lot has been going on lately. My most difficult class of grad school yet, autoimmune failure and being forced to find a new place to live in 2.5 weeks aren't even all of it. I guess I am just trying to decide what I am willing to share with, ya know, the world.  And because I hadn't {and still haven't} decided, I feel a tad withdrawn and quiet.

But today! Today I have something that there is no question if it is shareable or not.

Guys, I had my biannual anxiety attack dentist appointment. 

P.S. Cute shoes do not make you hate the dentist less. 

While waiting for a stranger's hands to play inside my mouth with metal contraptions, I had several thoughts.

+ Why can't we drop our teeth off at the dentist like we drop our clothes off at the dry cleaners?

+ The only good thing about going to the dentist is leaving the dentist

+ I was almost going to say the free pink toothbrush I got when I left {and I didn't even request pink!} was a perk, but then I realized I would rather spend three dollah and buy my own toothbrush that have a stranger play in my mouths with metal contraptions. 

What can I say? I am an antidentite

And it must be said, I text my friend Dennis the dentist each time I go to the dentist and tell him how much I want to die. Yeah, he has that to look forward to for the REST.OF.HIS.LIFE.

And to top it off, after I went to the dentist, I went to the post office. 

Whoa. Too much crazy for one day. 

The only way my post-work afternoon could have been worse is if I went to the bank. Because I hate going to the bank. 

But enough about how much I hate the dentist. Feel free to tell me how much you hate going to the dentist. But really, proceed to the comments section and tell me. 


I hate the going to the dentist. Have I expressed that enough today? If not, go here and here


Amy Fashion Blog said...

I hate going to the dentist too

Kari Kirkland said...

I hate going to the gas station.....

The Suzzzz said...

That view looks like the view out of the exam rooms in Dr. Gunnell's office. I don't mind the dentist as much as I mind cleaning my house, if I could trade going to other people's dentist appointments for them cleaning my house, I'd be set.

Meg said...

I've had seven root canals. Pretty much every cavity I ever have turns into a root canal, even when I am regularly getting my teeth cleaned and properly taking care of them. It's like my teeth are out to get me. I HATE the dentist.

Avree said...

I love going to the dentist. I love how clean my teeth feel when I'm done. I never have cavities so I don't worry about that. I actually look forward to going to the dentist. You probably know this though because I remember in college you giving me an award in RS for "Most likely to be in a Crest toothpaste commercial". I just got caught up on your blog. I'm sorry things have been no good lately :( Aren't you supposed to be coming to SLC soon? I still want to play! Text me if you are.

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