Wednesday, March 5, 2014 //

+ I still hadn't been sleeping. Last night of full sleep was Friday.

+ Pain was fab. As in it wasn't there. Although joints all still swollen.

+ This actually happened yesterday, but they sent me in a person to force me to get a primary care physician. I found this amusing. Clearly, I have gone since my peditrician without needing one and having one when this occurred would not have helped {it was the weekend and even if it wasn't, I would have been sent to the ER anyway}.

+ They set me up with a "Getting to know you" meeting with my new primary care physician. Whatevs.

+ Dr. May returned in the wee morning hours to tell me that they were probably going to go ahead with a steroid to get the inflammation down.

+ Around lunchtime I was provided with the first steroid. Immediate rejection by my body, as in I was allergic to it.

+ Provided with an alternative steroid a few hours later and guess what? IT WORKED.

+ With inflammation going down and the annihilation of whatever it was that was causing me to be ill, they prepped to send me HOME!!

+ I was sent home Wednesday afternoon. My mama picked me up some Olive Garden on the way home. Nom, nom, nom.

+ Plus all my medications they prescribed me.

+ And a shake. I think I have had a shake every day since I got out of the hospital. No lie. Maybe that is why people keep inviting me to It Works! Wraps parties. ;)

+ I had a follow up appointment not only with my primary care physician, but the rheumotologist as well for the following week. 

+ Upon returning home, I learned I was allergic to the pain medication they provided me. I walked into the hospital Sunday evening allergic to nothing and three days later, my body is rejecting the majority of all medications given to me.

+ I was told I could have Tylenol for my pain.Tylenol, people. WHERE.IS.THE.MORPHINE.NOW? ;) I am not to take any medications without consulting with my physician first because my body might reject them. 

+ Speaking of Morphine, clearly my new favorite drugs/topic/thing in the world, while recovering at home I saw a documentary on Phillip Seymore Hoffan and Heroin. And do you know what I learned? Heroin turns into Morphin in your body! Ah, the world makes so much more sense now! I now know why people turn into Heroin addicts. Mmmm, mmmm, MORPHINE!

Every Day Since Then //

+ I have pain almost every waking and sleeping moment of every day. 

+ It is still difficult to hold my arms up at times to drive.

+ Knobs of every kind are difficult {door knobs, sink faucets, etc.}. 

+ Typing is very painful. The swelling has gone down, but my fingers, hands and arms have taken the brunt of the pain. Although, pain shows up literally anywhere at any point during the day.

+ I am very weak. It is sometimes hard to push the car door open or open doors into stores, etc. 

+ I missed about two weeks of the last three of work. I returned for a half day of work this past Monday, a full day Tuesday, Wednesday off and am holding strong Thursday and Friday. :)

+ At my follow up appointment on Monday my rheumotologist said, "You're a mystery to me." All of my tests came back negative. Every.last.one. He said he believes they were all false negatives, which means today I get to go back in to the doctor and be re-tested for everything. Apparently, if you have tests done too closely to the symptoms, you can get the false negatives.

+ What does this all come down to? I am in autoimmune failure and they have no.idea.why. {Stephanie, you were right!}

+ Final thoughts {until test results that will be taken today come back}: I don't know what to think. My gut is telling me this isn't going to be a chronic or permanent problem. There is part of me that really does think it is serum sickness from the minocycline. Although, I do wonder, would I still have symptoms 14 days after coming off that medication? I just don't know.

+ And there you have it. A bit of a let down, right? ;) Don't worry, it's my life and my body and I feel the exact same way. 

+ If you have any questions at all, I would be more than happy to answer. :) I will provide an update when I get my second round of test results. Until then, friends, love your autoimmune system and thank it for not going into complete failure. :)


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bashashhazbaz said...

wow! i certainly hope you get on the upswing of bad health and come over to the healthy side of things! i'm sorry you have been going through all of this! i appreciate you sharing all this with us!

suburban prep said...

What an ordeal.
I hope that things swing better in your favor.

I do know what it is like to have days and weeks and even long when you are not up to par healthwise.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Send you a hug and prayer. Hope the test came back good

Cheri said...

Geez! I am sending good vibes your way! Please get well soon!


Cody Doll said...

Oh my goodness I hope you feel better soon!
Have you been tested for lime or thyroid disease? It might seem a little crazy but you never know.

Laura said...

Mindy! This is so crazy! I'm very sorry to hear all of this and that you still don't really have an answer. I sure hope you recover fully and know that we're praying for you!

Meg said...

It seems as if an inordinate number of people I know are suddenly having autoimmune issues. Until about a year ago I didn't even really know what an autoimmune disorder was.

I am hoping you are right and that this is just a crazy reaction to a medication and you will recover fully and without lingering issues.

Allred Mom said...

This is a living nightmare.....worse than some of your dating nightmares! Mindy, I truly hope they figure out what is going on in your life. Prayers and thoughts are with you! :)

Ruth Emmett said...

Oh my goodness, Mindy. I didn't realize how serious this was? Sounds like your life has been hell ...:( so sorry. What about Lymes disease?? Or yeah, it could have been a bad reaction to the antibiotic? I hope doctors figure it out so you can soon feel better. :(. Hang in there.

Katie Buckner said...

I had a bad reaction to minocycline and it took me almost a month to get back to normal. I hope everything works out and you get to feeling better!

Susan said...

Yikes! I have been following your saga. So sorry you still don't have answers. I must say, your attitude about it all is pretty admirable. I hope you get some answers soon!!

Sierra Ainge Charlesworth said...

I can't believe this entire experience.
I AM SO HAPPY YOU'RE ALIVE! Haha. Thanks for sharing, doll face.

Mitch Zundel said...

Your attitude is awesome. Thanks for sharing. We'll pray for you as well. Definitely a mystery...

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